Abstract for: Open a New Window, Watch the World with the View of “System”

In 2002, Nanjing Education Bureau began to develop the research on “Systems Thinking Application on Creative Teaching”. In 2004, the first “Systems Thinking” learning group was established in High School Affiliated to Nanjing Normal University and in 2005, “Systems Thinking” was offered as an elective course. We have optimized the course and finished the book systems thinking----school-based curriculum textbook for high school. For many years, systems thinking changes students’ cognitive model, thinking model, also changes the teaching method. Systems thinking brings to students a comprehensive view and rationality towards the matter in their future life, who might forget some scientific knowledge after leaving school, but will be accompanied by systems thinking for all their life time. We will definitely have a more authentic understanding of our world, if we use the eyes of systems thinking to see every matter surrounding us and try to find interactional relations and the essence of influences.