Abstract for: Open Source System Dynamics with Simantics and OpenModelica

We will introduce a new system dynamic modelling and simulation environment based on open source components. The development was initiated by a group of active system dynamics modellers who had needs and ideas for an open toolset. The new needs for features like hierarchical modules, module libraries, collaborative model development and efficient model communication in system dynamics together with the development of open source modelling framework Simantics and simulation environment OpenModelica have driven us to start developing an open source modelling and simulation software for system dynamics. In this paper we discuss how current open source components can be used to build a comprehensive tool for system dynamics modelling and what impact open source could have on system dynamics modelling. Even though the development is still on its early stages, the open source components have enabled us to rapidly develop a tool capable of hierarchical modelling, simulation and some basic result and model analysis. When using open source, the modelling software becomes more affordable and distribution of models becomes easier, modelling software can be adapted to individual needs and models can be used and validated by all stakeholders.