Abstract for: How can Organizational Capacity help to clarify Project Performance? A system dynamics model

During a long time, studies on project management were focused on duality between temporary organization (the project) and permanent organization to explain the lack of learning form the project. If the literature review emphasizes learning process and knowledge production during life cycle of project, they both disappear once the project finishes because of a lack of knowledge management capitalization. However we think that the real causes of the success or failure of the projects find their roots elsewhere that in knowledge’s capitalization. From our point of view, the performance of the project could be explained starting from the concept of the organizational capacity of the project team. The organizational capacity is a collective skill. It authorizes to combine and go into action relevant resources, as team’s project attitude (motivation) and team’s project aptitude (innovation), organizational competences focused on good relationship at work, coordination, tasks’ integration, etc…. In this way we have developed a dynamic model of project’s performance based on organizational capacity. From this model and one of the main question results from this model is: Could organizational capacity improve the project path and behind the success or failure of the project?