Abstract for: Economics Chapter Poster Presentation, Roundtable and Annual Meeting

The Economics Chapterís annual meetings are dedicated to welcome new members, discuss the past yearís events and the coming yearís themes, and to determine the new president elect. At the Seoul conference, discussion centered on a possible model repository at one hand and the possibility of a Special Issue for the System Dynamics Review on the other. For this year, besides the yearly report and the election, the following topics shall be discussed during the annual meeting: 1. Improving the communication between members by a collaborative newsletter. 2. Implementation of a model repository The Economics Chapter aims to make contribution to economics in research and education. It is a geographically dispersed chapter. Members use a discussion list to keep in contact, and the main meeting point is the international conference with the "economic dynamics" thread and the yearly meeting. Applications have tended to be found in the areas of money, banking and finance at one hand and in economic development on the other. Other members have made theoretical contributions based upon the particular methodological viewpoint of system dynamics. Still other members develop contributions to education in economics. Geographic dispersion brings with itself the challenge to sustain dialog and collaboration, which is an area of ongoing effort.