Abstract for: What Is a Validation Methodology? Analyzing and Synthesizing two Meanings

In the domain of system dynamics and computational modeling, the assurance of model validity is a prominent challenge. A number of contributions concerning validation tests, processes, and their epistemological foundations have been developed. Considering the existing literature on validation, little has been said about a validation methodology for system dynamics models. This paper differentiates two meanings of methodology which are referred to as methodology I and methodology II. The first meaning refers to a body of methods. This understanding has almost exclusively been adopted in the field of system dynamics. The second meaning refers to a comprehensive understanding of elicitation, description, reflection, and evaluation of issues related to validation which are currently lacking. This paperís contribution is in analyzing the two meanings and synthesizing them in a conceptual model. The conceptual model is used to derive directions for future research as well as actions required bring the field forward. The paper ought to raise the attention of researchers for validation and commence a beneficial discussion.