Abstract for: System Dynamic Analysis for Development of Renewable Energy Resources in Country

The events in the energy sector which are evolving globally put more and more emphasis on renewables, through the use of which it is possible to reduce not only impacts on climate change but also to place a more gradually decline of expendable fossil fuels. Countries more and more are placing importance on development strategies and applying the principles of greening the environment. The article looks at a situation where it is possible to significantly increase the proportion of renewables in the energy balance, particularly wood fuel, but this is not done due to political reasons. The energy dependence of the country on natural gas and its political dependence on its neighbouring countries increases. This model is applied in order that the economic circumstances within the next decade can be improved, thus allowing for biomass to replace fossil fuels as an energy source in the centralised heating. Three political instruments are chosen in this model: national-level financial support for the replacement of fossil fuel with biomass, information package at all heating supply levels and energy efficiency measures for improving the effective running of technological apparatus which use biomass as an energy source.