Abstract for: System Dynamics Model for the National Guard Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, and High-Explosive Enhanced Response Force

From June through October 2008 the National Guard Bureau (NGB)J8 conducted a capability based assessment (CBA) to determine National Guard (NG) capability gaps for Defense Support to Civil Authorities (DSCA). A major DCSA mission that the NGB Capability Assessment and Development Process (CADP) focused on was Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and high-Explosive Consequence Management (CBRNE CM) response. As expected, the most difficult portion of the CBA was defining and quantifying the gap in NG specialized CBRNE CM capabilities (CERFPs). Initially, NGB developed a simple allocation model that captured the total number of CERFPs employed based on subject matter expertise. However, NGB-J8 developed a more objectively quantifiable model that would systemically document and consistently apply assumptions. Repeatability was essential to defining and quantifying NGB CBRNE CM capability gaps. NGB-J8 determined a System Dynamics Model would be the best approach for developing this model.