Conference Proceedings

The 2008 International Conference of the System Dynamics Society
July 20 – 24, 2008       Athens, Greece

ISBN 978-1-935056-01-0

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PAPER INDEX - listed alphabetically by first author:

Aburawi, Izidean   Analysing Grading and Promotion using System Dynamics Modelling   Abstract

Adamides, Emmanuel   System Dynamics Modelling in the Development of Management and Organisational Theory   Abstract Paper

Agarwal, Ashish with Ravi Shankar and Purnendu Mandal   Modelling Integration and Responsiveness for Supply Chain   Abstract Paper

Alborzi, Mahmood   Augmenting System Dynamics with Genetic Algorithm and TOPSIS Multivariate Ranking Module for Multi-Criteria Optimization   Abstract Paper

An, Lianjun with Dharmashankar Subramanian and Jayant Kalagnanam   Roadmap for Adopting New Technology in the Utility Industry   Abstract Paper

Andersen, David with Luis Luna-Reyes, Andrew Whitmore, Jing Zhang and Réjean Roy   Exploring the Dynamics of Full Information Product Pricing Networks: the Case of Fair Trade Coffee in Mexico   Abstract Paper

Arango, Santiago   Asymmetric commodity cycles: Evidence from an experimental market   Abstract Paper

Armenia, Stefano with Gloria Fiorani and Marco Meneguzzo   Analysis of economic impacts and evolutions of the italian cultural event “La Notte Bianca Romana”: a system dynamics approach   Abstract Paper

Armenia, Stefano with Laura Roma and Arianna Perugia   A new system dynamics model for the analysis of the paper dematerialization process in the Italian Public Administration   Abstract Paper

Armenia, Stefano with Stefano Dafano and Habib Sedehi   The System Dynamics Italian Chapter (SYDIC) community on the web: an online scientific community   Abstract Paper

Atsushi, Koshio with Masanori Akiyama   Physician’s burning out and Human resource crisis in Japanese Hospital: Management for sustaining medical services in Japan   Abstract Paper

Azar, Ahmad with Khaled Wahba   Association Between Neural Network And System Dynamics To Predict Dialysis Dose During Hemodialysis   Abstract Paper

Azar, Ahmad with Khaled Wahba   Biofeedback Control Of Ultrafiltration For Prevention Of Hemodialysis-Induced Hypotension   Abstract Paper

Bakken, Bent Erik   System Dynamics War Stories   Abstract

Ballardin, Giorgio   Hydrogen Production Scenarios in Italy   Abstract Paper

Barlas, Yaman with Evrim Dalkiran   Testing Dynamic Decision Making Under Real-Time Pressure: A Scuba Diving Simulator   Abstract Paper

Barnabe, Federico   Improving Strategic Thinking in Management Education with System Dynamics based ILEs: Reflections on a Case Study   Abstract Paper

Barnabe, Federico   Using a “Dynamic Balanced Scorecard” in Management Education: a Comparison with Alternative Educational Methodologies   Abstract

Bayer, Steffen with Andrew Wynn   The Dynamics of Information Systems Development   Abstract

Bean, Michael   Workshop - Creating Multiplayer Online Simulation Games   Abstract

Bean, Michael   Workshop - Getting Started at Building Web Simulations using Forio Broadcast   Abstract

Behrens, Friederike with Eva-Maria Cronrath and Alexander Zock   How to Approach New Industries and Gain Insights Into Their Development Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Bijulal, D. with Jayendran Venkateswaran   Closed-Loop Supply Chain Stability under Different Production-Inventory Policies   Abstract Paper Supporting

Bivona, Enzo with Sonia Herrera Daza   Introducing in a Non-Profit Organisation a CSR Strategy through a Learning Oriented Perspective: the Emssanar case-study   Abstract Paper

Bleijenbergh, Inge with Eelke Blonk, Lodewijk Schulte and Marloes van Engen   Explaining Women's Careers at a Dutch university: Model building as a method for knowledge elicitation in gender analysis   Abstract Paper

Borshchev, Andrei   Workshop - Getting Started with Agent Based Modeling in AnyLogic   Abstract Paper Supporting Link

Bosshardt, Mathias with Silvia Ulli-Beer, Fritz Gassmann and Alexander Wokaun   The effect of multi-incentive policies on the competition of drivetrain technologies   Abstract Paper

Breitsohl, Heiko   Legitimacy Crises and Organizational Behavior   Abstract

Bush, Brian with Stephen Conrad, Sharon DeLand, Ignacio Martinez-Moyano, Dennis Powell and Aldo Zagonel   Working with "living" models: Emergent methodological contributions from modeling for critical infrastructure protection   Abstract Paper Supporting

Campos-Nanez, Enrique with Enrique Campos-Lopez and Honorato Teissier Fuentes   A Field for Interactive Learning on Climate-Energy Transition: Concepts and structure   Abstract Paper Supporting

Campuzano Bolarin, Francisco with Lorenzo Ros McDonnell and Juan Martin Garcia   Reducing the impact of demand process variability within a multi-echelon supply chain   Abstract Paper

Ceresia, Francesco   The role of goal setting practice on sales and on the broader commercial system: a case study   Abstract Paper

Ceresia, Francesco with Giovan Battista Montemaggiore and Enzo Bivona   Exploring the Underground Economy to support Public Decision Makers to tackle the Growth of Irregular Workers   Abstract Paper

Chaim, Ricardo with Rosalvo Streit   Pension funds governance: combining SD, Agent based Modelling and fuzzy logic to adress Dynamic Asset and Liability Management   Abstract Paper

Choucri, Nazli with Daniel Goldsmith and Toufic Mezher   Framework for Modeling Technology Policy: Renewable Energy in Abu Dhabi   Abstract Paper

Cronin, Matthew with Cleotilde Gonzalez and John Sterman   Why Don’t Well-Educated Adults Understand Accumulation? A Challenge to Researchers, Educators, and Citizens   Abstract

Dangerfield, Brian with Michael Quigley and James Kearney   A Dynamic Policy Model to Manage Temporal Performance Amongst Contracting Firms in a Competitive Situation   Abstract Paper

Dangerfield, Brian   UK Chapter Poster Presentation   Abstract

Deenen, R.E.M. with Cornelia van Daalen and E.G.C. Koene   Maintenance performance improvement : A Corrective Maintenance showcase   Abstract Paper

Derwisch, Sebastian with Sebastian Poehlmann and Birgit Kopainsky   Making the value chain work – analysing the impact of Intellectual Property Management on seed sector development in W Africa   Abstract Paper

Di Giulio, Vincenzo with Giorgio Ballardin and Stefania Migliavacca   Renewable energy in Italy: scenarios to 2030   Abstract Paper

Diaz Pabon, Fabio   Rethinking the Conflict Trap: Systems Dynamics as a Tool to understanding civil wars -THE CASE OF COLOMBIA-   Abstract Paper

Dick, Marcel with Jürgen Strohhecker   Reducing income volatility in multi-product companies through better resource sharing policies   Abstract Paper Supporting

Dierks, Meghan with Nicolas Dulac and Nancy Leveson   System Dynamics Approach to Modeling Risk in Complex Healthcare Settings   Abstract Paper

Duggan, Jim   Statistical Thinking Tools for System Dynamics   Abstract Paper Supporting

Dutt, Varun with Cleotilde Gonzalez   Human Perceptions of Climate Change   Abstract Paper Supporting

Dwenger, Nadja with Oleg Pavlov   Feedback analysis of speculation in a foreign currency market   Abstract Paper

Dwyer, Michael with Krystyna Stave   Group Model Building Wins: The results of a comparative analysis   Abstract Paper

Egner, Joanne with Karim Chichakly and Peter Lacey   Workshop - Getting Started with STELLA and iThink   Abstract Link

Eksin, Ceyhun   Fuzzy Logic Approach to Mimic Decision Making Behavior of Humans in Stock Management Game   Abstract Paper Supporting

Eksin, Ceyhun   Genetic Algorithms for Multi-Objective Optimization in Dynamic Systems   Abstract Paper Supporting

Emery, Cécile   The Sky is Full of Good Intentions   Abstract Paper

Epstein, Joshua with Jon Parker, Derek Cummings and Ross Hammond   Coupled Contagion Dynamics of Fear and Disease: Mathematical and Computational Explorations   Abstract

Erdil, Nadiye with C. Robert Emerson   Modeling the Dynamics of Electronic Health Records Adoption in the U.S. Healthcare System   Abstract Paper

Eslami Bidgoli, Saeed with Hassan Ghalibaf Asl and Mona Hajialiasghar   A Model for Overreaction to EPS Shocks in the Stock Markets   Abstract

Farsi, Arash with Anahita Khojandi and Leila Soltani   Modeling Spiral of Silence Process: A Case-Study of Iran Presidential Elections 1997   Abstract Paper Supporting

Fisher, Diana   Workshop - Modeling Dynamic Systems: Lessons for a First Course   Abstract

Fisher, Diana with Lees Stuntz   Workshop - Teaching Your Children System Dynamics/System Thinking   Abstract

Fisher, Diana   Building Slightly More Complex Models: Calculators vs. STELLA   Abstract Paper

Foroughi, Hamid with Arash Gholizadeh, Shahram Abyari and Arsalan Paleshi   How Price Fluctuations are Influenced by the Response of Intermediaries to Different Sales Methods   Abstract Paper

Forouzan, Alireza with Kave Mirasadallahi   An Investigation into Iran’s Auto Industry and Analyzing the Effects of Importation on its Growth:A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Franck, Travis   A Behavioral Model of Hurricane Risk and Coastal Adaptation   Abstract Paper

Gallati, Justus   Towards an improved understanding of free-riding in collective irrigation systems: proposition of a basic system dynamics model   Abstract Paper Supporting

Georgantzas, Nicholas with Evangelos Katsamakas   Beijing 2008 Olympics ad dynamics   Abstract Paper Supporting

Georgiadis, Patroklos with Maria Besiou   The Importance of Feedback Loops Designing Environmental Policies for Sustainable Development   Abstract Paper Supporting

Ghaffarzadegan, Navid   Effect of Conditional Feedback on Learning (Barry Richmond Award Winner)   Abstract Paper Supporting

Gharakhani, Aref with Masoud Moshref   Evaluating Iran’s Progress in ICT Sector Using e-readiness Index, a System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper

Giraldo, Diana with Santiago Arango and Manuel Betancur   Model on Food security in development countries: A systemic perspective   Abstract Paper

Goldsmith, Daniel with Masanori Akiyama and Michael Siegel   Improving Strategic Management of Hospitals: Addressing Functional Interdependencies within Medical Care   Abstract Paper Supporting

Graham, Alan   Four Grand Challenges for System Dynamics: Initial Work and Needed Evolution   Abstract

Graham, Alan   Workshop - How to Write a Good SD Paper   Abstract

Grasl, Oliver   Business Model Analysis: A Multi-Method Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Gravouniotis, Paraskevas with Ausilio Bauen   Energy Equipment Diffusion & Touristic Competitiveness: Building of an SD Model for the Greek Islands   Abstract Paper

Greer, Don with Laura Black, Navid Ghaffarzadegan and David Andersen   Dyadic Communication to Monitor Project Scope: Social Construction of Meaning in an Aerospace Program   Abstract

Groesser, Stefan with Silvia Ulli-Beer   Innovation Diffusion in the Building Construction Industry: Empirically-Based Theory Generation   Abstract Paper Link

Groesser, Stefan   Peer Review Dialog Meeting   Abstract Paper

Groesser, Stefan with Thomas Beck   Swiss Chapter Poster Presentation   Abstract Link

Groessler, Andreas with Etiënne Rouwette and Jac Vennix   Unconscious Processing of Information in Dynamic Decision-Making – An Experimental Approach   Abstract Paper

Groessler, Andreas   Product Diffusion in ‘the Long Tail’   Abstract

Han, Charles   Overgrazing Behavior and Rationality: A Dynamic Perspective   Abstract Paper

Haslett, Tim   A Model for Upgrading Fleets under Constrained Conditions   Abstract Paper

Headley, Jennifer with Holly Rockweiler and Aqeela Jogee   Women with HIV/AIDS in Malawi: The impact of anti-retroviral therapy on economic welfare (Lupina Award Winner)   Abstract Paper Supporting

Heffernan, Mark with Jenny Chalmers, Alison Ritter and Geoff McDonnell   Surfacing the hidden demand for opioid dependent treatments for drug policy makers   Abstract Paper

Heffernan, Mark   Australasia Chapter Poster Presentation   Abstract

Helfrich, Nicki with Wolfgang Schade   Bringing distributed software development to SD modelling with Vensim   Abstract Paper

Ho, Yufeng with Hsiao-Lin Wang   Applying Fuzzy Delphi Method to Select the Variables of a Sustainable Urban System Dynamics Model   Abstract Paper

Homer, Jack with Kristina Wile, Justin Trogdon, Bobby Milstein and Diane Orenstein   Local Interventions for Reducing Cardiovascular Disease Risks: What Can They Achieve?   Abstract Paper

Hopper, Megan with Krystyna Stave   Assessing the Effectiveness of Systems Thinking Interventions in the Classroom   Abstract Paper

Hosseinichimeh, Niyousha   Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Poverty: Micro-Lending   Abstract Paper Supporting

Hovmand, Peter with David Gillespie, Barbara Levin, Enola Proctor, Diane McFarland, Sally Haywood and Benton Goon   Science Meets Policy Practice   Abstract Paper

Hovmand, Peter with David Gillespie, Barbara Levin, Jennifer Schurer, Benjamin Alexander-Eitzman, Alicia Bunger, Laurie Phillips and Benjamin Staver   Financial Performance of Mental Health Nonprofit Organizations   Abstract Paper Supporting

Hovmand, Peter   Workshop - Sharpening Soft Skills for Better Modeling   Abstract

Hu, Bo with Hans-Rolf Vetter   System Dynamical Analysis for Interdisciplinary Research on Human Resource Development   Abstract Paper

Huegel, Katrin with Adelheid Zeller, Ian Needham and Marcel Loher   Falls prevention from a system dynamical point of view   Abstract Paper

Jafari, Mostafa with Roozbeh Hesam Amiri and Atieh Bourouni   An Interpretive Approach to Drawing Causal Loop Diagrams   Abstract Paper

Jagalski, Thomas with Bernd Scholz-Reiter   Dynamics of Autonomous Control in Production Logistics   Abstract Paper

Jamshidy, Mohamed   An Analysis of Residential Energy Intensity in Iran, A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Jensen, Eva   Does system dynamics or control theory help you to strike a balance?   Abstract Paper

Jensen, Lene with Erling Moxnes   Overshooting alcohol intoxication, an experimental study of one cause and two cures   Abstract

John, Klaus   Economic Growth, Pollution, and the Accumulation of Abatement Capital in a System Dynamics Framework   Abstract Paper

Johnson, Scott with Tomás Flanagan   Leveraging Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM) and System Dynamics in Combination to Reduce Project Rework   Abstract Paper

Keimanesh, Mohammad with Amin Yazdani Salekdeh, Hoda Vaziri and Sumita Barahmand   Effects of Gas Subsidy on the Behavior of Power Stations in Iran:A new policy to reduce energy intensity in electricity section   Abstract Paper

Kelic, Andjelka with Adam Turk   Workforce Management Strategies in a Disaster Scenario   Abstract Paper

Kennedy, Michael   A Taxonomy of System Dynamics Models of Educational Policy Issues   Abstract Paper

Kennedy, Michael   A Taxonomy of System Dynamics Pedagogic Techniques   Abstract Paper

Kennedy, Michael with Carol Frances   Education Special Interest Group Poster Presentation   Abstract Paper

Khan, Naeem with Alan McLucas   A Case Study in Application of Vee Model of Systems Engineering to System Dynamics Modelling of Dryland Salinity in Australia   Abstract Paper

Killingsworth, William with Regina Chavez and Nelson Martin   The Dynamics of the Government Supply Process for High-Value Spare Parts   Abstract Paper

Killingsworth, William with Regina Chavez and Nelson Martin   The Dynamics of Multi-Tier, Multi-Channel Supply Chains for High-Value Government Aviation Parts   Abstract Paper

Kim, Hyunjung   Broadening boundary perception in a multi-organizational context: Study of a community mental health program in New York State   Abstract Paper

Kleer, Bernhard with Eva-Maria Cronrath and Alexander Zock   Market development of airline companies: A system dynamics view on strategic movements   Abstract Paper

Konuray, Ali Osman   Development of Barbiturate Tolerance and Dependence: A Systems Modeling Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Konuray, Ali Osman with Ceyhun Eksin   Business Dynamics of a Record Company As Influenced By Online Channels   Abstract Paper Supporting

Kortelainen, Samuli with Kalle Piirainen and Markku Tuominen   A system dynamics model of learning and innovation process profitability   Abstract Paper

Krauer, Verena   Cognitive Decision-Making Processes   Abstract

Kucuk, Bilge with Nisa Onsel and Burak Eskici   A Dynamic Simulation Model of Academic Publications and Citations   Abstract Paper

Kulhavy, Rudolf   Modeling of Network Dynamics: From Dynamic Nodes to Dynamic Structure   Abstract Paper Supporting

Kwon, Tae-hyeong   Building a car market share model of Alternative Fuel Vehicles: from generic system archetypes to system dynamics modelling   Abstract Paper

Larsson, Maria with Mats Svensson   Interacting representations – how students discuss, construct and use representations within a System Dynamics framework   Abstract Paper

Lauwers, Leen with Erik Pruyt, Luc Hens and J. Brans   Evolution of HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa   Abstract Paper Supporting

Lee, Man-Hyung with Hae Ok Choi   Dynamic Changes in Creative Manpower and R&D Technology Level in the Culture Industry   Abstract Paper

Legna, Carlos   Combining Qualitative Models and System Dynamics to design the Strategy of a Region   Abstract

Lei, Kampeng with Lianggang Lu and Waikin Chan   Dynamic Simulation of Construction Waste in Macao   Abstract Paper Supporting

Levine, Ralph with David Lounsbury   Psychology Chapter Poster Presentation   Abstract

Li, Anson with Kambiz Maani   Dynamics of Interventions - Relationship between Scale of Change and Performance   Abstract Paper

Lippold, Ralf with Jeffrey Boyer   Business Special Interest Group Poster Presentation   Abstract

Lopez, Sandra with Ana María Cardenas, Isaac Dyner and Erik Larsen   Modeling Access to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Assessing a Penetration Policy   Abstract Paper

Luna-Reyes, Luis with Oleg Pavlov and Vedat Diker   Information Science and Information Systems Special Interest Group Poster Presentation   Abstract

Lyneis, James   Presidential Address   Speech

Maani, Kambiz with Annie Fan   Resolving Performance Measure Conflicts in a Supply Chain using Systems Thinking Methodology   Abstract Paper

MacDonald, Roderick with Hyunjung Kim   Understanding the Dynamics of Declining Disability Receipts in New York State (Lupina Award Winner)   Abstract Paper Supporting

Malczynski, Leonard with Jacob Jacobson   Very Large System Dynamics Models - Lessons Learned   Abstract Paper

Malczynski, Leonard   Workshop - SMILE/XMILE/Open Source Software. Workshop Roundtable   Abstract Link

Malczynski, Leonard   Inter- and Intranational Conflict Special Interest Group Poster Presentation   Abstract

Malczynski, Leonard with Jacob Jacobson   Workshop - Very large system dynamics applications with Powersim Studio   Abstract

Martin, Juan with John Sterman, Andrew Jones and Thomas Fiddaman   Interactive Simulations to Enhance Understanding of Climate Change   Abstract

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio with M. Samsa   A Feedback Theory of Trust and Confidence in Government   Abstract

McCardle-Keurentjes, Marleen with Etiënne Rouwette and Jac Vennix   Effectiveness of Group Model Building in discovering hidden profiles in strategic decision-making   Abstract Paper

McDonnell, Geoff with David Lyell, Keith Masnick, Ime Asangansi and John Dewdney   Linking clinical workforce skill mix planning to health and health care dynamics   Abstract

McLucas, Alan   How to Deliver Multi-phase Software Development Projects: System Dynamics Simulation of Alternate Project Strategies   Abstract Paper

McLucas, Alan with Sondoss El Sawah   ACT Water Management: A System Dynamics Based Learning Intervention   Abstract Paper

McLucas, Alan with Ed Lewis   A Multi-methodology Approach to Addressing ICT Skill Shortages in a Government Organization: Integration of System Dynamics Modeling and Risk Management  Abstract Paper

Mediavilla, Margarita with Luis Miguel and Carlos de Castro   From fossil fuels to renewable energies   Abstract Paper Supporting

Mehmood, Arif with Jules Vanie   Evaluating Strategies for Controlling Attrition Rate of Canadian Air Force members   Abstract Paper

Michaloudis, Charalampos with Patroklos Georgiadis   The Efficiency of Alternative Control Mechanisms in a MTO three-stage tandem Production/Inventory System   Abstract Paper Supporting

Miczka, Switbert   German Chapter Poster Presentation   Abstract

Miczka, Switbert with Peter Milling   The Diffusion of System Dynamics in Academia   Abstract Paper

Monson, Mahri   Minnesota biofuels policy: analysis of the existing renewable fuel standard and a potential low carbon fuel standard   Abstract Paper

Morecroft, John   System Dynamics, RBV and Behavioural Theories of Firm Performance: Lessons from People Express   Abstract Paper

Morrison, J. Bradley with Jenny Rudolph and John Carroll   The Dynamics of Diagnosing: Virtuous and Vicious Cycles in the Operating Room   Abstract Paper

Morrison, J. Bradley with Daniel Goldsmith and Michael Siegel   Dynamic Complexity in Military Planning: A Role for System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Mosekilde, Erik with Jakob Laugesen   Biomedical Applications of System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Mrotzek, Maximilian with Günther Ossimitz   Catastrophe Archetypes - Using System Dynamics to Build an Integrated Systemic Theory of Catastrophes   Abstract Paper

Mueller, Matthias with Silvia Ulli-Beer   Modeling the Diffusiondynamics of a new Renovation Concept   Abstract Paper

Munitic, Ante with Marko Tomasevic, Frane Mitrovic and Panco Ristov   System Dynamics Simulation Modelling of “Kastela Bay” Regional System   Abstract Paper

Naderi, Iman with Sina Damangir   The Impact of Firm Knowledge Strategy on its Competitive Knowledge: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Najad Amiri, Ali Askary with Mohammad Taqi Kian and Iman Naderi   Increasing Mobile Operator Revenue Out of VAS, A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Niu, Mu   The Dynamic Analysis of a Simplified Centralised Supply Chain and Delay Effects   Abstract

Nozari, Hamed with Abdol Majid Liaghat and Majid Kholghi   Simulation of Drainage Systems in unsteady state condition, using system dynamics   Abstract Paper

Nuhoglu, Mert with Hasret Nuhoglu   The Effects Of System Dynamics Approach In Science Education In Middle School   Abstract Paper

Olaya, Camilo with Gloria Diaz, Ana Maria Ramos Serrano and Fabio Diaz Pabon   The Power of the Stock: Accumulations in the Colombian Accusatory System Reform   Abstract Paper Supporting

Olaya, Camilo with Joan Cruz   A System Dynamics Model for Studying the Structure of Network Marketing Organizations   Abstract Paper Supporting

Olaya, Yris with Isaac Dyner   Modeling Exploration Dynamics and Uncertainty of Natural Gas Discoveries   Abstract Paper

Ortiz, Adriana with Finn Olav Sveen, Jose Mari Sarriegi and Javier Santos   An Exploratory Study of Applications of SD and AB Modeling   Abstract Paper

Ossimitz, Günther with Maximilian Mrotzek   The Basics of System Dynamics: Discrete vs. Continuous Modelling of Time   Abstract Paper

Oyo, Benedict with Ddembe Williams and Erik Barendsen   A System Dynamics Tool for Higher Education Funding Policy Analysis   Abstract Paper Supporting

Ozbas, Birnur with Onur Ozgun and Yaman Barlas   Sensitivity Analysis of a Real Estate Price Oscillations Model   Abstract Paper

Papageorgiou, George with Andreas Hadjis   New Planning Methodologies in Strategic Management; An Inter-Paradigm System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper

Papaioannou, George with Emmanuel Adamides, George-Michael Klimis, Yeoryios Stamboulis, George Papachristos and Nikolaos Pomonis   Hellenic Chapter Poster Presentation   Abstract

Park, Bong-Won with Jae-Hyeon Ahn   Imposing Tax and Rebate Policy for Addressing Game Addiction Problem   Abstract Paper Supporting

Perez Salazar, Gloria   Latin America Chapter Poster Presentation   Abstract

Perez Salazar, Gloria with Natalia Villamizar, Gerardo Rodriguez and Waldo Guevara   ¿To produce or to import? That is the question: A System Dynamics approach to the auto-parts industry in Mexico   Abstract Paper

Phaff, Willem Geert   Generalised Loop Deactivation Method: An Extension on Ford’s Behavioural Approach to Loop Dominance Analysis   Abstract Paper

Politou, Alexandra with Patroklos Georgiadis   Production Planning and Control in Flow Shop Operations using Drum Buffer Rope Methodology: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Powers, Bobby   Adventures in Open Source: Collaborative System Dynamics   Abstract

Pruyt, Erik with Gert De Sitter   Food or Energy? Is that the question?   Abstract Paper

Pruyt, Erik   Dealing with Multiple Perspectives: Using Cultural Profiles in System Dynamics (Best Poster Award Winner)   Abstract Paper

Rafferty, Martin   Northern Rock plc: A case study in banking policy during times of duress   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rahmandad, Hazhir with Saeideh Fallah-Fini   Learning Control Policies in System Dynamics Models   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rahmandad, Hazhir with Kun Hu and Thanujan Ratnarajah   Modeling rework cycle: comparing alternative formulations   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rahn, R. Joel   Dana Meadows Award Announcement   Abstract Speech

Ramezankhani, Atefe with Mostafa Najafiyazdi   A System Dynamics Approach on Post-Disaster Management: A Case Study of Bam Earthquake, December 2003   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rees, David with Ray Naden and Adrian Field   Modelling the Demand for Renal Replacement Therapies: Challenging Assumptions and Influencing Policy   Abstract

Rees, David   Health Policy Special Interest Group Poster Presentation   Abstract Link

Retortillo, Pedro with Margarita Mediavilla, Luis Miguel and Carlos de Castro   An attempt to automate the analysis of complex system dynamics models: an example of WORLD 3   Abstract Paper Supporting

Romme, Georges with Henk Akkermans   How Partnership Behaviour Evolves in Networks: Path Dependency, Social Figuration and Life Events   Abstract Paper

Rouwette, Etiënne with Nuno Videira, Krystyna Stave and Aldo Zagonel   Participatory Modeling SIG/Chapter "To-Be"   Abstract

Rouwette, Etiënne with Stijn Hoppenbrouwers   Collaborative systems modeling and group model building: a useful combination?   Abstract Paper

Rwashana Semwanga, Agnes   Modeling the Dynamics of Immunization Healthcare Systems: The Ugandan Case Study   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rydzak, Felicjan with Paul Monus   Building Understanding of Organizational Change   Abstract Paper

Ryzhenkov, Alexander   Russian Chapter Poster Presentation   Abstract Link

Ryzhenkov, Alexander   Supposing a Control Law of Capital Accumulation for the Modern Italian Economy   Abstract Paper Supporting

Sadsad, Rosemarie with Geoff McDonnell   Modelling changes in medicine use following the introduction of IT-based health policies   Abstract Paper

Salge, Markus   The Role of Goal-Setting and Commitment in Continuous Improvement Processes   Abstract Paper

Sarica, Kemal with Nihan Karali   Modeling Of The Interactions Between Sectoral Co2 Emissions And Energy Efficieny Under Emission Restriction Policies   Abstract Paper

Sarmiento, Alfonso with Luis Rabelo, Reinaldo Moraga and Al Jones   A Parameter Estimation Method to Minimize Instabilities in System Dynamic Models   Abstract Paper Supporting

Sauer, Philip   Developing a Candidate Methodology for Managing Nano-Scale Capability Statements   Abstract

Sawicka, Agata with Birgit Kopainsky   Simulation-enhanced descriptions of dynamic problems: Initial experimental results   Abstract Paper

Schild, Heinz   Why business and socio-economic models often do not live up to expectations   Abstract Paper

Schoenberg, William   The need for a System Dynamics Based Open Source, Online Interactive Learning Environment Creation Tool.   Abstract Paper Supporting

Schoenberg, William with Bobby Powers   Workshop - Adventures in Open Source System Dynamics   Abstract Supporting

Schwaninger, Markus with Stefan Groesser   Modeling as Theory-Building   Abstract Paper

Sedehi, Habib with Edoardo Mollona, Stefano Armenia and Roberto Berchi   Comparing different approaches in teaching System Dynamics in Italian Universities   Abstract Paper Supporting

Sedehi, Habib   SYstem Dynamics Italian Chapter (SYDIC) Special Poster Presentation   Abstract Paper Supporting

Skraba, Andrej with Crtomir Rozman, Miroljub Kljajic, Karmen Pazek, Martina Bavec, Franc Bavec and Davorin Kofjac   Strategy for organic farming model development   Abstract Paper Supporting

Slinger, Jill with Pål Davidsen   Special Interest Group on Model Analysis (SIG-MA) Poster Presentation   Abstract Paper Supporting

Slinger, Jill with Jan Kwakkel   Does learning to reflect make better modellers?   Abstract Paper Supporting

Sliskovic, Merica with Ante Munitic and Gorana Jelic Mrcelic   Influence of variable catch factors on sardine population level in eastern Adriatic tested by System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Song, Dohan with Hoon Huh and Myoung Ho Lee   Portfolio Implications of Combining Banking with Commerce In the Korean Context: A study based on System Dynamics Approach   Abstract

Soto-Torres, M. Dolores with Ramon Fernandez-Lechon and Pedro Fernandez Soto   The influence of subsidies on economic development: a system dynamics model   Abstract Paper Supporting

Soyler, Hasan with Yusuf Cukaci, Ibrahim Aksu and Zahide Nesrin Omac   Socio-Economic Development Projection Of Malatya Supported By EU Regional Development Programme: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Stamboulis, Yeoryios with Yeoryios Kalaouzis   Strategic Dynamics of the Project Based Organization   Abstract Paper

Stamboulis, Yeoryios with George Papachristos   Investigation and modelling framework of biofuels as a new socio-technical regime   Abstract Paper Supporting

Stamboulis, Yeoryios   Exploring the System Dynamics of Innovation Systems   Abstract Paper

Stave, Krystyna   Zero Waste by 2030: A system dynamics simulation tool for stakeholder involvement in Los Angeles' solid waste planning   Abstract Paper

Stuntz, Lees   K-12 Open Discussion   Abstract Link

Sun, Amy with Vincent Tidwell, Geoff Klise, Leonard Malczynski, Will Peplinski and Jim Brainard   System Dynamics Model of Southwestern New Mexico Hydrology to Assess Impact of the 2004 Arizona Water Settlements Act   Abstract Paper

Sveen, Finn Olav with Jose Mari Sarriegi and Jose Gonzalez   The Access Problem   Abstract Paper

Sveen, Finn Olav with Jose Mari Sarriegi   Security Special Interest Group Poster Presentation   Abstract

Svensson, Mats with Yengoh Genesis Tambang   Low External Input Strategies for Sustainable Small-Scale Farming in Kenya - A Systems Dynamic Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Syntetos, Aris with John Boylan and Nada Sanders   Qualitative System Dynamics and the Bullwhip Effect   Abstract

Tako, Antuela with Stewart Robinson   Model building in System Dynamics and Discrete-event Simulation: a quantitative comparison (Dana Meadows Award Winner)   Abstract Paper

Tawileh, Anas with Stephen McIntosh and Haya Al Magwashi   A Systems Dynamics Approach to Assessing Policies to Tackle Alcohol Misuse   Abstract Paper

Taylor, Ivan with Luminita Stemate, Guillaume Gagne and Anissa Frini   Investigating the Effectiveness of Various Crowd Confrontation Strategies Using Vensim and the Phoenix Integration Suite   Abstract Paper Supporting

Thun, Jörn-Henrik   The Diffusion of System Dynamics analyzed with System Dynamics - A Diffusion Model Considering Network Externalities   Abstract Paper

Trailer, Jeff   Workshop - Embedding SD into existing university courses   Abstract

Triantis, Kostas with Warren Vaneman and Kalyan Pasupathy   Dynamic Performance Measurement and Evaluation: Will Bridging Paradigms Lead to Improved System Design?   Abstract Paper

Turkgulu, Burak   Collapse of Easter Island:A Study to Understand the Story of a Collapsing Society   Abstract Paper Supporting

Ulli-Beer, Silvia with Mathias Bosshardt, Fritz Gassmann and Alexander Wokaun   Citizens’ Choice: Modeling long term technology transition in the automobile industry   Abstract Paper

Vaishnav, Chintan   Does Technology Disruption Always Mean Industry Disruption?   Abstract Paper Supporting

Vakili, Keyvan with Mohammad Isaai and Arash Jalali Barsari   Strategic Assessment of Transportation Demand Management Policies: Tehran Case Study   Abstract Paper Supporting

Vennix, Jac   Jay W. Forrester Award Ceremony   Abstract

Vickland, Victor with Geoff McDonnell   When accuracy matters: Prevalence, incidence and mortality rate in an Agent Based model of dementia management   Abstract Paper

Vo, Thi Le Hoa with Daniel Thiel   A System Dynamics Model of the Chicken Meat Supply Chain faced with Bird Flu   Abstract Paper

Walther, Grit with Grischa Meyer, Thomas Spengler and Joerg Wansart   Regulatory Impact Assessment for the Transportation Sector – Case Study Germany   Abstract

Wansart, Joerg with Grit Walther and Thomas Spengler   Limiting motor vehicles’ CO2 emissions - a manufacturer’s challenge   Abstract Paper

Warren, Kim with Christina Spencer   Workshop - Teaching Strategy Dynamics   Abstract Paper Link

Wheat, David   Economics Chapter Poster Presentation   Abstract

Whitmore, Andrew with Eliot Rich and Mark Nelson   Building on Shifting Sands: The Structure of Repetitive IT Project Escalation, Crisis, and De-escalation   Abstract Paper Supporting

Wolstenholme, Eric with Douglas McKelvie, David Monk, David Todd and Carol Brady   Emerging Opportunities for System Dynamics in UK Health and Social care- The Market-Pull for Systemic Thinking   Abstract Paper

Yamaguchi, Kaoru   Open Macroeconomies as A Closed Economic System - SD Macroeconomic Modeling Completed -   Abstract Paper

Yamaguchi, Kaoru with Michiya Morita   Japan Chapter Poster Presentation   Abstract

Yap, Yin   Assessing The Level Of Unity And Integration In Malaysia Using The System Dynamics Simulation Model   Abstract Paper Supporting

Yucel, Gönenç with Cornelia van Daalen   When does it really make a difference? Experimenting with the actor-heterogeneity in modeling socio-technical transitions   Abstract Paper

Zimmermann, Nicole   Implementing Electronic Trading at the New York Stock Exchange: A Case of Organizational Change   Abstract Paper Supporting

Zimmermann, Nicole   Student Chapter Poster Presentation   Abstract

Zimmermann, Nicole with Cécile Emery   System Dynamics PhD Colloquium   Abstract

System Dynamics Society Conference Proceedings
Updated: 9/29/08