Abstract for: System Dynamics PhD Colloquium

The PhD Colloquium is a whole day event for Ph.D. students to present and discuss their current research about foundations, techniques, and applications in the area of system dynamics. Junior and senior system dynamics practitioners and academics meet here every year to exchange ideas about studentsí projects in an inspiring international and open-minded atmosphere. The forthcoming 9th PhD Colloquium will take place on Sunday July 20th 2008 at the 26th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society in Athens, Greece. Plenary presentations by PhD students at the Colloquium will identify common problems encountered by thesis researchers using system dynamics. Each presentation will be followed by an extensive discussion session, providing a unique opportunity for learning among all attendants, and particularly for young researchers. Combined with a poster session, we expect the all-day colloquium to be an exciting and insightful event. To conclude the day, attendants will be invited to join for an informal and friendly social event. More information is available at www.sdstudentchapter.org Any questions about participating in the colloquium can be directed phdcolloquium@systemdynamics.org