Abstract for: A Multi-methodology Approach to Addressing ICT Skill Shortages in a Government Organization: Integration of System Dynamics Mod

This paper describes a multi-methodology approach used to reveal feedback dynamics operating in supply of, and demand for, skilled information and communications technology (ICT) employees. It describes how a large public service organization has had difficulty in adapting to rapid technological change, and how this has been exacerbated by employee shortages. The impacts of changing demographics of the workforce and society are investigated, along with how these factors impact upon attracting, recruiting, training, and retaining employees. The paper is as much about what is needed to achieve implementation success as it is about the effective application of tools and techniques in the development of strategy. It describes the lessons learnt when a system dynamics model of the supply of ICT skills was combined with a tool that enabled analysis of the risks that shortages would arise, and the consequent cost of those shortages to the organization.