Abstract for: A Field for Interactive Learning on Climate-Energy Transition: Concepts and structure

This paper discusses the concepts and structure behing FILCET, a field for interactive learning on the climate-energy transition, designed to improve awarness on the climate-energy crisis (CEC) macro- problem, and communicate the structure and dynamic complexity of key policies available to face this transition. This work present FILCET’s basic concepts and their application to the communication and collective learning on the energy transition, and its potential use in understanding the interrelationships existing between climate change, energy policies and innovation strategies in the pursue of sustainable development. This paper describes FILCET, its learning targets, the overall structure and mechanism and the elements of the policy game dimensions and the system dynamics model supporting it, which focuses on the dynamic complexity of CO_{2} abatement policies for a power market, such as cap and trade. We include comments and observations drawn from the preliminary testing, reflexions on its potential use as a communication tool for sensitizing policy makers, educators, and energy innovation networks.