Abstract for: Swiss Chapter Poster Presentation

The Swiss Chapter of the System Dynamics Society consists of researchers, educators, consultants, and practitioners in the corporate and public sectors. Approximately 120 people receive our e-mails and about twenty of them are full members who pay the membership fee. The number of participants in chapter meetings is relatively constant at around ten. Additional activities involve enhancing consulting competences and educational programs. Chapter meetings are organized where we usually combine a presentation about System Dynamics in action with the discussion of organizational, chapter-related issues. In addition, the Swiss Chapter organizes several PhD round tables each year at different locations. At these meetings, PhD students of Switzerland who apply System Dynamics and related disciplines in their research have the opportunity to present and discuss their projects and obtain feedback from senior researchers and peers. With such a structure, we try to maximize the benefits for our chapter members. Our conclusion so far is that there are quite some people in Switzerland who deal with System Dynamics. Everyone in this heterogeneous group is ultimately motivated to reach his individual SD related goals. The value added by the Chapterís activities lies in the provision of networking, learning and exchange opportunities. Visit: www.systemdynamics-swisschapter.ch