Abstract for: Special Interest Group on Model Analysis (SIG-MA) Poster Presentation

The Special Interest Group on Model Analysis (SIG-MA) focuses on the development, use and advancement of formal model analysis methods in System Dynamics. These methods currently include: Pathway Participation Metric, Fordís Behavioural Analysis and Eigenstructure-based methods, amongst others. The focus of this group is not so much on the validity of model equations as, given the equations, how can they best be analyzed and interpreted back to reality. Brief History During a workshop on formal model analysis in Delft in 2006, and follow-up discussions at the 2006 and 2007 conferences, it became apparent there was significant interest in formal model analysis and sufficient critical mass to form the SIG-MA. This was approved by the Policy Council late in 2007. Present Activities The activities of SIG-MA include facilitating communication amongst model analysts by moderated listserve discussions. These focus on theoretical developments as well as improving the means of communication of analysis results. We plan to expand our activities to the further development of tools for model analysis and clear communication of their use (and benefits) in applications. Open Membership The SIG-MA is open to all system dynamicists interested in formal analysis. Please contact Willem Geert Phaff (h.w.g.phaff@tudelft.nl) to join our listserve (sdsigma@listserv.tudelft.nl).