Abstract for: Comparing different approaches in teaching System Dynamics in Italian Universities

There has been two main objectives with which the idea to write this paper was started. First of all, to exchange, and hence put in common, the knowledge of different experiences in Italian academic context dealing with teaching of a consolidated but still innovative (at least in Italy) methodology. Secondly, to put in evidence possible pros and cons of each teaching approach in order to better face (at least be aware of )the next teaching years (learn one from the other!) . The paper will describe four teaching experiences in four different university contexts; three are so called hard faculties (Sciences, Statistics and Engineering), and one could be considered soft faculty i.e. Communication Sciences. Two are sufficiently consolidated courses (more than five academic years) and two are less experienced (both three academic years).Three are placed in Master programme and only one (but this one is related to, maybe, the “hardest” faculty-Engineering) is collocated in Bachelor programme. A final synthetic comparison table is sketched and an overall general common consideration is suggested.