Abstract for: Getting Started at Building Web Simulations using Forio Broadcast

Forio Broadcast allows modelers to develop and present dynamic simulations on the Web with no programming. Although Broadcast makes creating web interfaces to system dynamics models relatively simple and inexpensive, model developers still face hurdles developing web simulations because of the design expectations of Web users. During this workshop, Michael Bean will demonstrate how to create web simulations, discuss commonly occurring web simulation design challenges and potential solutions, and show examples of web simulations that have been used by thousands of users. Michael will also provide a series of guidelines for creating simulations online. When simulations are used in workshops or facilitated by the model creator, modeling experts can compensate for user interface design problems by directly interacting with the users. But on the web, this is impractical. Usability design is critical to create simulations that will be used by a diverse, global audience with limited knowledge of simulation, short attention spans, and unarticulated use objectives. Michael will provide handout booklets, sample simulations, and sample HTML pages that can be used to create your own first web simulation.