Abstract for: Physician’s burning out and Human resource crisis in Japanese Hospital: Management for sustaining medical services in Japan

Human resource crises by collective retirement of hospital physicians are a critical issue in Japanese health care systems. System Dynamics modeling is a feasible way to understand these phenomena. Japanese health care system is confronted with not only exogenous environments but also endogenous feedbacks to build up the situation. Increasing busyness by physicians and risk of medical lawsuits and decreasing average productivity and quality of physician by hiring new physicians reinforce retirements of physicians and the retirements change the situation for the worse. To keep sustain level of physician we could find essential policies by simulation. First strategy is changing desired number of physicians with increasing of number of patients per physician. Second way is decreasing delay between retirement and hiring. This was accomplished by early recognition of physicians’ busyness by hospital managers and abundant of physicians in a health care system.