Abstract for: Evaluating Iranís Progress in ICT Sector Using e-readiness Index, a System Dynamics Approach

In the modern era, the advancement of Information technology requires improvement in other fields such as communication technologies, management of human resources, business environments, legal background and so on. Indicators that measure the growth of ICTs in different societies have also pointed out this importance. National legislators are always seeking means to improve ICTs and use them as enabler of industry in their countries. a number of developing countries have devoted a considerable effort in this area, but they have not achieved what they were expecting for. In recent years,Iran has made a desperate attempt to get engaged in similar activities, but according to e-readiness indicator nothing has achieved. In this paper, we take a system dynamics approach to model changes in the progress of information technology in Iran. Sources of many of the problems show up, after the simulation of the model. Also we outline a policy required for reaching a steady growth in the future.