Abstract for: Using a “Dynamic Balanced Scorecard” in Management Education: a Comparison with Alternative Educational Methodologies

This paper focuses on the development of a Dynamic Balanced Scorecard, i.e. a Balanced Scorecard developed on the basis of the principles and tools of the System Dynamics methodology. The paper aims to demonstrate that the use of a dynamic scorecard in management education is suitable to increase students’ strategic thinking and system thinking abilities and is able to foster processes of individual and cooperative learning. To validate this research question and in order to compare the effectiveness of a dynamic scorecard in comparison with other traditional teaching methodologies, an experiment has been organized. The experiment is based on the use of a System Dynamics Balanced Scorecard-based Interactive Learning Environment in a master course. The assessment of the performance of the students and the evaluation of the level of knowledge gained in the experiment are two relevant goals of this work. Therefore, the main features and expected results of the experiment are a key element this work aims to discuss.