Abstract for: A System Dynamics Approach on Post-Disaster Management: A Case Study of Bam Earthquake, December 2003

In December 2003, a 6.7 earthquake struck the city of Bam in southeastern Iran. The city lost over 45,000 inhabitants and the historic citadel of Arg-eŽ Bam was destroyed. High number of casualties in this disaster has encountered it among most recent hazardous natural events in the world. Although the old structure of the city was the main reason for the massive destruction of the city, but the outcome of so many dead people has other important reasons as well. The most important one is that no scientific study has been on dynamical behavior of disaster management in Iran. In this paper a dynamic system is proposed in order to simulate the activities in the zone after the earthquake has shaken the city. Based on that, key parameters are chosen in order to establish some post-disaster policies which are applied on the model and their effects are studied.