Abstract for: Socio-Economic Development Projection Of Malatya Supported By EU Regional Development Programme: A System Dynamics Approach

Socio-economic and regional development models are among the examples that encompass the aforementioned sophistication in their structure. Although outside interferences have certain impacts on the system, fundamental changes emerge within the internal structure of the socio-economic systems. These systems change over time and these changes have a tendency to be non-linear with regard to the developments within the system. System dynamics is one of the best approaches in the development of socio-economic system models, hypothesize and the identification of policies that would provide improvement in the system. System dynamics approach offers easy access to possible outputs under different scenarios. System dynamics is an interdisciplinary approach and it uses the tools and models employed by the related disciplines. Because of the aforementioned reasons, system dynamics approach will be used in the study the socio-economic structure of Malatya in TRB1 where is supported EU Regional Development Programme, will be put in a model in order to monitor certain developments and changes under different scenarios through 2008-2030. This study is supported by TUBITAK.