Abstract for: Modeling the Dynamics of Immunization Healthcare Systems: The Ugandan Case Study

Due to low immunization coverage, epidemics such as measles still occur in many countries in the world. Various approaches have been applied to understand immunization coverage problems, however, there are still acknowledged deficiencies in these approaches and this has given rise to research efforts for alternative solutions. To better understand immunization health care problems and to generate insights that may increase the immunization coverage effectiveness, the paper applies system dynamics modeling and field study research methods. Causal loop diagram representing the immunization system is presented out of which a model is designed with the intent to show how particular variables influence immunization demand and coverage. The paper builds on earlier papers by the same authors. Model analysis demonstrates the need to upgrade the health system in proportion to the growing population, and how this can lead to improved immunization coverage rates. The paper suggests key leverage points which could substantially improve immunization demand and the effectiveness of the health system as well as vaccine management.