Abstract for: Student Chapter Poster Presentation

The Student Chapter, which was established in 1999, brings together students who are involved in System Dynamics research, and it gives them the opportunity to raise key questions and discuss concerns related to their research in a constructive and enjoyable atmosphere. For this purpose, the Chapter manages a website, a list server, and a newsletter, and it organizes a yearly PhD Colloquium held during the International Conference of the System Dynamics Society. The objectives of the Chapter are: (1) to extend the knowledge of feedback systems among students all over the world, (2) to promote the development of System Dynamics and the interchange of knowledge and research, (3) to intensify the communication and cooperation between graduate students in their research, (4) to arouse interest among undergraduate students towards SD, (5) to promote the communication between the students of SD and the practitioners of the field, (6) and to form a medium to help SD students to get into contact with field-related graduate studies and job opportunities. It is also for these reasons that the Student Chapter organizes the now traditional PhD Colloquium. Check http://www.systemdynamics.org/chapters/student/ for more information.