Abstract for: An attempt to automate the analysis of complex system dynamics models: an example of WORLD 3

Even the simple run of a medium size system dynamics model can be a cumbersome process, since the uncertainty of the parameters forces the modeller to consider many runs before being confident of how the model behaves. System dynamics simulation packages include some analysis tools, but in many occasions customized tools are desired. For example, one would like to be able to program iterative running of simulations and perform mathematical operations with the results, use analysis techniques such as PPM or screening, or even use fuzzy logic to automate the revision of graphs. In this paper we explore the possibilities of a programming language, Matlab, and its simulation tool, Simulink, for those possibilities mentioned. These languages come from the fields of engineering, but offer many interesting possibilities because of their programming ability. They enable the development of customized analysis tools at a very low programming cost. The World 3 model has been programmed in this languages and some examples of application programming runs, screening and fuzzy logic are given.