Abstract for: Creating Multiplayer Online Simulation Games

This workshop will teach you how develop your own online simulation game using existing system dynamics models and technology readily available online. Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs) such as Second Life and World of Warcraft have tens of millions of users worldwide and have dramatically increased the popularity and awareness of online games and simulations. The problem is that blockbuster games like these require blockbuster movie-sized budgets. However, there is now an opportunity to create smaller multiplayer games on a limited budget. Instead of a massive multiplayer worlds, system dynamics-based business simulations can be transformed online into small multiplayer simulation villages that teach specific lessons to participants through a web browser. During the workshop, Michael Bean will demonstrate how to create multiplayer web simulations, discuss commonly occurring web simulation design challenges and potential solutions, and show examples of web simulations that have been used by thousands of users. Michael will also provide a series of guidelines for creating simulations online. Michael will provide handout booklets, sample simulations, and sample HTML pages that can be used to create your own first web simulation.