Abstract for: Dynamic Simulation of Construction Waste in Macao

Abstract: This paper is the analysis for the behavioral tendency of the construction waste (CW) volume in Macao from 2006 to 2025. Four sources of CW are selected to be the objects of study, which are assumed to constitute all the CW in Macao. Some related factors, such as area of Macao, the average stay time of tourists, population density are also taken into consideration. STELLA 8 is used to perform the analysis, and correlation analysis of parameters will be carried out by a statistic software SPSS (SPSS Inc., Chicago, Ill.). The simulation result shows that the total CW will reach 530128 cubic meters in 2025. The sum of total CW from 2006 to 2025 will have a volume of 13,818,250 cubic meters. From the results of the simulation, the largest portion of CW is generated by casino and hotel projects, which is the main source of CW in the entire simulation period. This research was supported by the Science and Technology Development Fund of Macau (No.022/2007/A2), Macao Special Administration Area, China. Keywords: Macao; Construction Waste; Systems Dynamics; Simulation; Stalla; SPSS.