Conference Proceedings
The 23rd International Conference of the System Dynamics Society
July 17-21, 2005 Boston

This disk contains the color version of the printed abstract proceedings that was given to all attendees, as well as full papers, supporting materials, and links from most contributors. To view the color version of the printed abstract proceedings, go to proceed.pdf.

The following papers were presented at the conference in parallel, plenary, poster and research sessions and are listed alphabetically by the last name of the first author in the Paper Index below. To find a paper by an author who is not the first author simply search on the author's name. Papers are Acrobat (.pdf) files and can be read using Acrobat Reader available from Supporting materials are usually additional information or models which may require additional software. For details on "Reading Supporting Materials" go to supp_mat.htm. Links, when shown, were current at the time of publication. These links were supplied by the authors and may provide more or newer information related to the paper.

This year, the Jay Wright Forrester Award was presented to Kim Warren; material from Kim's acceptance speech is included here.

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PAPER INDEX - listed alphabetically by first author:

AbdelGawad, Ahmed with Bahaa Aly Abdel-Aleem, Mohamed Saleh and Pål Davidsen   Automated Eigenvalue Analysis of System Dynamics Models   Abstract Paper Supporting

Abou Ali, Tarek with Khaled Wahba   Assessment of Egyptian Software Export Capabilities Using a System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper

Adamides, Emmanuel with Yeoryios Stamboulis and Nikolaos Pomonis   Modularity and Strategic Flexibility: A Cogntive and Dynamic Perspective   Abstract Paper

Ahmed, Fadl with Khaled Wahba and Abdallah Ahmed   The Dynamics of Glucose Regulatory System: An Educational Tool for the Students of First Medical Year   Abstract

Akcam, Bahadir with Victor Asal   The Dynamics of Ethnic Terrorism   Abstract Paper

Al-Qirem, Raed with Alfredo Moscardini and Mohamed Loutfi   The Use Of System Dynamics Models To Evaluate The Credit-Worthiness Of Firms   Abstract Paper

Alkemper, Jens with Don Mango   Simulation of the Reinsurance Market using Agent-Based Modeling   Abstract

An, Lianjun with Bala Ramachandran   System Dynamics Model to Understand Demand-Conditioning Dynamics in Supply Chains   Abstract Paper Supporting

Anderson, Edward with Kyle Lewis   An Initial Dynamic Model of Transactive Memory Systems   Abstract

Arango, Santiago   Oscillatory Behavior as a Function of Market Complexity: Experiments on Commodity Cycles   Abstract

Arenas, Fernando   An Adaptive Expectations Approach to the Mechanisms of Transmission Model of the Central Bank of Colombia   Abstract Paper Supporting

Arthur, Daniel   Upscaling Diffusion Models to Represent General Purpose Technologies for Industry Modelling   Abstract

Askar, Mohamed with Karim Assabghy and Syed Imam   Business Dynamics Exploratory Model for Reviewing Industry in Developing Countries: The Case of Egyptian Automotive Industry   Abstract Paper

Baik, Hojong with Antonio Trani and Michel Turcotte   A Transportation Systems Analysis Model to Study the Impact of the Small Aircraft Transportation Systems (SATS)   Abstract Paper

Bakken, Bent Erik   Special Session: Military Roundtable   Abstract Paper Supporting

Bakken, Bent Erik with Pål Ostbye and Arne Roksund   Transforming a Military Personnel Policy – Learning from a Model Supported Intervention   Abstract Paper

Ballardin, Giorgio   Environmental Benefits and Economic Rationale of Expanding the Italian Natural Gas Private Car Fleet   Abstract Paper Supporting

Barlas, Yaman with Suat Bog   Automated Dynamic Pattern Testing, Parameter Calibration and Policy Improvement   Abstract Paper

Bartoszczuk, Pawel   Optimisation of Consumption with Emission   Abstract Paper

Bassi, Andrea with Tobias Lorenz   Management Flight Simulators: Development of a Multiplayer, Asymmetric, Network, ILE   Abstract Paper

Bayer, Steffen with David Gann and Ammon Salter   Balancing Work – Bidding Strategies and Workload Dynamics in a Project-Based Professional Service Organisation   Abstract Paper Supporting

BenDor, Todd with Sara Metcalf, Lauren Fontenot and Brandi Sangunett   A Decision Support System for Emerald Ash Borer Eradication Using Spatial-Dynamic Modeling   Abstract Paper Supporting

BenDor, Todd with Sara Metcalf   Conceptual Modeling and Dynamic Simulation of Brownfield Redevelopment   Abstract Paper Supporting

Berard, Céline with Martin Cloutier and Luc Cassivi   Performance Evaluation of Management Information Systems in Clinical Trials: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper

Bianchi, Carmine with Graham Winch   ‘Stunted Growth’ in Small Firms: How to Turn Them Round and Unleash Their Potential   Abstract Paper

Bianchi, Carmine with Enzo Bivona   Using System Dynamics ILEs in Service Business Interventions   Abstract Paper

Bivona, Enzo with Giovan Battista Montemaggiore   Evaluating Fleet Maintenance and Management Strategies through a System Dynamics Model in a City Bus Company   Abstract Paper

Bivona, Enzo with Francesco Ceresia   Designing Long Term Oriented Policies to Build Strong Manufacturer-Dealer Relationships: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper

Black, Jason   Diffusion Of Demand Response Technology In Electricity Systems   Abstract

Borshchev, Andrei with Nathaniel Osgood, Geoff McDonnell, Mark Paich, Hazhir Rahmandad, Mark Heffernan, Sara Metcalf and Christopher Johnson   Workshop: Agent-Based Modeling: Why Bother?   Abstract

Bourne, Mary Lou with Michael Deaton   The Dynamics of Identity Theft: A Comparison of Symptomatic and Systemic Solutions   Abstract Paper

Boyer, Jeffrey with John Elter   The Dynamic Behavior of a Zero-to-Landfill Strategy for Consumer Products   Abstract Paper

Braun, Bill   The Dynamics of Economic Value Depletion: A Proposal for Accelerated Feedback Loops in Production and Purchasing Decisions   Abstract Paper Supporting

Brehmer, Berndt with Fredrik Elg   Heuristics in Dynamic Decision Making: Coping with the Time Constants of a Dynamic Task by Doing Something Else   Abstract Paper

Buendia, Fernando   Increasing Returns to Economic Activity Agglomeration   Abstract Paper

Bueno, Newton   Stabilization Policy Debate, Control Theory and System Dynamics Metholology   Abstract Paper Supporting

Bulbul, Ali Afsin   Capturing Project Dynamics with a New Project Management Tool: Project Management Simulation Model (PMSM)   Abstract Paper Supporting

Burke, James with John Hummel   System Dynamics Characterizations of the Defense Industrial Base Critical Infrastructure   Abstract

Burns, James with Balaji Janamanchi   Project Dynamics with Applications to Change Management and Earned Value Tracking   Abstract Paper Supporting

Burns, James with Balaji Janamanchi   Offshoring Knowledge Worker Jobs – Boom or Burst for the US Economy   Abstract Paper Supporting

Burton, Lester with Seetha Coleman-Kammula, John Sterman, David Andersen and George Richardson   A System Dynamics Study of a Commodity Plastics Industry   Abstract Paper

Campbell, Deborah   Special Session: Diversity Roundtable   Abstract

Capelo, Carlos with João Dias   Double Learning and Performance Improvement with the Balanced Scorecard – A Simulation-Based Experiment   Abstract Paper

Cavalieri-D'Oro, Edoardo with Michael Golay   Preparing for the Near-Term Deployment of New Nuclear Fission Technologies: A SD Analysis of the Nuclear Market’s Behaviours   Abstract Paper Supporting

Cavana, Robert   Revisiting Medium Term Macro-economic Scenarios (1985 – 1995) Generated by a System Dynamics Model of the New Zealand Economy   Abstract Paper

Chang, Liang-Cheng with Yi-Ming Tu   Attempt to Integrate System Dynamics and UML in Business Process Modeling   Abstract Paper

Chen, Jie   Modeling Shanghai Real Estate Market   Abstract Paper Supporting

Chen, Yibai with Hongbing Zhu, Min Jiang and Yonggen Yuan   Pleasantly Surprised in Applying Systems Thinking to Teaching High School Students   Abstract Paper Supporting

Chen, Yu with Yuqin Yao   Research on the Change Process of the Curved Roof of Chinese Ancient Architecture by System Dynamics   Abstract Paper Supporting

Chung, Ik Jae   A Dynamic Approach to Social Amplification through Internet   Abstract

Cloutier, Martin with Céline Berard and Luc Cassivi   Diffusion of an Innovative Biotechnology: The Case of Plant-Derived Vaccines using System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Cooke, David with Thomas Rohleder   A Conceptual Model of Operational Risk   Abstract Paper

Cooper, Kenneth with Thomas Kelly and Sharon Els   Special Session: Program Management Workshop   Abstract

Crespo, Adolfo   Front-end, Back-end and Integration Issues in Virtual Supply Chain Dynamics Modeling   Abstract Paper Link

Cronin, Matthew with Cleotilde Gonzalez   Understanding the Building Blocks of Dynamic Systems: What Is the Problem, Really?   Abstract

Cumenal, Didier   Simulating Organizational Change: Moving and Shaking   Abstract Paper Supporting

Daneshgari, Parviz with Frank Murdock   Operational Model for Improving System Productivity of Distributors: Internal Cost Drivers   Abstract Paper

Dangerfield, Brian   Towards a Transition to a Knowledge Economy: How System Dynamics is Helping Sarawak Plan its Economic and Social Evolution   Abstract Paper

Dauelsberg, Lori with Alexander Outkin   Modeling Economic Impacts to Critical Infrastructures in a System Dynamics Framework   Abstract Paper

Deegan, Michael   Extreme Event Policy Design: A Conceptual Model to Analyze Policies and the Policy Process for Natural Hazards   Abstract Paper

Derrick, Sonja with Graham Winch, Beryl Badger, Joan Chandler, Jenny Lovett and Tim Nokes   Evaluating the Impacts of Time-Reduction Legislation on Junior Doctor Training and Service   Abstract Paper

Dhawan, Rajat   Usefulness of Probabilistic System Dynamics in Dynamic Decision Making   Abstract Paper

Diker, Vedat with Robert Allen   It’s About Time: The Why and How of Using XML for Developing an Interchange Standard for System Dynamics Models   Abstract Paper

Dogan, Gökhan with John Sterman   When Less Leads to More: Phantom Ordering in the Beer Game?   Abstract Paper

Dudley, Richard   A Generic Look at Payments for Environmental Services: Plan or Scam?   Abstract Paper Supporting

Duggan, Jim   Using Multiple Objective Optimisation to Generate Policy Insights for System Dynamics Models   Abstract Paper Supporting

Duggan, Jim   Workshop: Exploring Optimal Trade-Offs in a Two-Actor Beer Game Model   Abstract Supporting

Dvornik, Josko with Ante Munitic and Frane Mitrovic   SD Simulation Modelling of Organisational Business System of Management of Material & Informational Flows in Productive Company   Abstract Paper

Dyner, Isaac   Energy Contribution to Sustainable Rural Livelihoods in Developing Countries: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper

Edgar, William with C. Lance Durham and Aparna Higgins   The AIDS Epidemic: Integrating System Dynamics and Gaming for Strategic Simulation   Abstract Paper Supporting

Elf, Marie with Maria Poutilova   The Care Planning Process – A Case for System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Ellis, R. Evan   Paramilitary Demobilization in Colombia – Insights from a System-Dynamics Based Seminar Game   Abstract Paper

Els, Sharon   Special Session: Business Roundtable   Abstract

Emmi, Philip with Craig Forster and James Mills   Insights into the Dynamics of a Carbon-Based Metropolis   Abstract Paper

Ewers, Mary   Combining Hydrology and Economics in a Systems Dynamics Approach: Modeling Water Resources for the San Juan Basin   Abstract Paper

Exelby, David with John Holt and Sion Cave   Systems Modeling of Lancashire Drug Intervention Programme (DIP)   Abstract Paper

Fisher, Diana   Workshop: Modeling Dynamic Systems: Lessons for a First Course   Abstract

Fletcher, Michael   The Dynamics of Analytic Collaboration   Abstract Paper Supporting

Flury, Christian with Gabriele Mack and Birgit Kopainsky   A Composite Optimisation-Simulation Model for the Analysis of the Dynamic Interactions in the Swiss Milk and Meat Market   Abstract Paper

Flynn, Hilary with Andrew Ford   A System Dynamics Study of Carbon Cycling and Electricity Generation from Energy Crops   Abstract Paper

Fogel, Jonah   Learning to See a Brighter Future for Morgan County, TN   Abstract Paper

Ford, David with Tim Taylor and Scott Johnson   Why Good Projects Go Bad: Managing Development Projects Near Tipping Points   Abstract Paper Supporting

Franck, Travis   Quantifying the Cost Uncertainty of Climate Stabilization Policies   Abstract

Franco, Douglas   Insurance Dynamics: Managing Information Flows   Abstract Paper Supporting

Fryling, Meg   ERP Implementation Dynamics   Abstract Paper Supporting

Garcia, Rosanna with Anand Nair   Allocation of Resources in Exploration and Exploitation of Technologies: Re-evaluation Using an Adaptive Agent Application   Abstract Paper Link

Gary, Shayne with Robert Wood   Mental Models, Decision Making, and Performance in Complex Tasks   Abstract Paper

Ge, Zhou with Yonggen Yuan   Systematic Dynamics Thinking in Innovative Teaching   Abstract Paper Supporting

Georgantzas, Nicholas with Nadezhda Peeva and Howard Weinberg   Disruptive Innovation Diffusion   Abstract Paper Supporting

Getmansky, Mila   Limits of Arbitrage: Understanding How Hedge Funds Fail   Abstract Paper Supporting

Glass-Husain, Will   Workshop: Making your Simulation Run on the World Wide Web   Abstract

Goncalves, Paulo with John Sterman   Overordering Games in Supply Chains   Abstract Supporting

Gonzalez, Jose   Special Convened Session: Critical Infrastructure   Abstract

Goodman, Michael   Special Moments - Special Places   Abstract

Graham, Alan with Jeremy Godfrey   Achieving Win-Win in a Regulatory Dispute: Managing 3G Competition   Abstract Paper

Groesser, Stefan   Modeling the Health Insurance System of Germany: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Groesser, Stefan   Does Experience or an Education in System Dynamics Help People to Solve Simple, Dynamic Problems? – A Laboratory Experiment   Abstract Paper Supporting

Groessler, Andreas   An Exploratory System Dynamics Model of Strategic Manufacturing Capabilities   Abstract Paper Supporting

Guneralp, Burak   Towards Coherent Loop Dominance Analysis: Progress in Eigenvalue Elasticity Analysis   Abstract Paper Supporting

Haraldsson, Hördur with Harald Sverdrup and Salim Belyazid   The Tyranny of Small Steps I: Discovery of an Archetypical Behaviour   Abstract Paper

Haraldsson, Hördur with Harald Sverdrup   On Aspects of System Analysis and Dynamics Workflow   Abstract Paper

Haraldsson, Hördur with Rannveig Olafsdottir   A Modelling Approach for Evaluating the Pre-Industrial Natural Carrying Capacity of the Human Population in Iceland   Abstract Paper

Haraldsson, Hördur with Harald Sverdrup   Making Art into a Science: Adaptive Learning Behaviour and Managing Group Modelling Innovation Processes   Abstract

Heinbokel, John with P. Jeffrey Potash   Endogenous Human Behaviors in a Pneumonic Plague Simulation: Psychological and Behavioral Theories as Small “Generic” Models   Abstract Paper

Hines, James   Workshop: How to Visit a Great Model Like Yours   Abstract

Hirsch, Gary with Guy Stuart, Jay Rosengard and Don Johnston   SymBanc™: A Simulator for Microfinance Institutions   Abstract Paper

Hirsch, Gary   Health Policy Special Interest Group Session Notes   Paper

Hirsch, Gary with Jack Homer, Geoff McDonnell and Bobby Milstein   Achieving Health Care Reform in the United States: Toward a Whole-System Understanding   Abstract Paper

Hirsch, Gary   Workshop: Designing Simulation-Based Learning Environments: Helping People Understand Complex Systems   Abstract Paper

Ho, Chih Chao   The Application of System Dynamics Modeling to Study Impact of Water Resources Planning and Management in Taiwan   Abstract Paper

Ho, Yufeng with ShuSone Wang   System Dynamics Model for the Sustainable Development of Science City   Abstract Paper

Hoffman, Robert with Bert McInnis and Lanhai Li   Workshop: Methods and Software Tools for Expanding Perceptive Capacity: The Case of the Global Systems Simulator   Abstract

Homer, Jack   Special Session: Fifth Annual Modeling Assistance Workshop   Abstract

Homer, Jack   Special Session: HPSIG: Health System Reform Meeting   Abstract

Hong, Siang with Karl Newell   Reorganizing Motor Behavior through Practice   Abstract Paper

Hovmand, Peter with Melissa Jonson-Reid and Brett Drake   Flows in the Child Welfare Systems: A Computation Theory Approach to Developing Numerical Reference Modes   Abstract Paper

Hovmand, Peter with Ron Pitner   Combining System Dynamics, Social Networks, and Geographic Information Systems   Abstract Paper Supporting

Hsu, Chao-Li with Yuen-Ju Chen and Hsiao-Shen Wang   Evaluating Effects of a Systems Thinking Model on Curriculum and Instruction Planning in Taiwan   Abstract Paper

Hurtado Hernandez, Margarita with Héctor Debernardo   A Paradigm Shift in Solid Waste Collection Systems Design and Operation   Abstract Paper

Hwang, Lihlian   Exploring the Strategies of Hospitals Facing a Global Budget and Evaluating its Effects in Taiwan   Abstract Paper

Hwang, Lihlian   Using Simulation to Evaluate Policies for the Financial Imbalance of the National Health Insurance in Taiwan   Abstract Paper

Jacobson, Jacob with Martin Maren   Vision: A Business Planning Simulator   Abstract Paper

Jacobson, Jacob with Steven Piet, A. Yacout, G. Matthern and Anton Moisseytsev   Modeling the Nuclear Fuel Cycle   Abstract Paper

Jambekar, Anil   A Season of Resolutions, Continuous Improvement and Systems Thinking   Abstract Paper

Jarzynka, Karen   U.S. Low Income Housing Policy – A Dynamic System Evaluation   Abstract Paper

Jensen, Eva   Balancing Bathtubs in Math Class   Abstract Paper Supporting

Jiang, Min with Yibai Chen   Enjoy Learning – Deepened Application of Systems Thinking in High School Chemistry Teaching Practice   Abstract Paper Supporting

Joglekar, Nitin   A Behavioral View of Core-Periphery Dynamics in Social Networks   Abstract Paper

Jones, Charles   Behavioral Theory In Simulation: Ambiguous Results From Simple Relationships   Abstract Paper Supporting

Jost, Andreas with Alexander Franke   Residual Value Analysis   Abstract Paper

Jost, Andreas with Tobias Lorenz and Gerald Mischke   Modeling the Innovation-Pipeline   Abstract Paper Supporting

Joyce, Phil with Graham Winch   An Integrating Framework for Internet-Based E-Business Ventures in Service-Based and Product Supply Chains   Abstract Paper

Juerging, Jan with Peter Milling   Interdependencies of Product Development Decisions and the Production Ramp-up   Abstract Paper

Kampmann, Christian with Rogelio Oliva   Loop Eigenvalue Elasticity Analysis: Three Case Studies   Abstract Paper Link

Kapmeier, Florian   Common and Private Goals in Learning Alliances   Abstract Paper

Kelic, Andjelka   Government Policy vs. the Fiber-to-the-Home Supply Chain   Abstract Paper Supporting

Kennedy, Michael   An Updated Taxonomy of System Dynamics Models of Higher Education   Abstract

Kennedy, Michael   An Extended Taxonomy of System Dynamics Models of Information Systems Investment Appraisal   Abstract

Kim, Dong-Hwan   Psychological Gaps between Constructors and Interpreters of Causal Maps   Abstract Paper Link

Kim, Hyunjung with James Goggi   System Dynamics Modeling for Long Term Care Policy   Abstract Paper Supporting

King, Gerald with Gus Geursen   The Use of System Dynamics to Examine the Relationship amongst Quality, Value, Price and Profitability   Abstract Paper

Kofjac, Davorin with Miroljub Kljajic, Andrej Skraba, Valter Rejec and David Sirok   The Virtual Reality Concept for the Warehouse Simulation Model Implementation   Abstract Paper

Kopainsky, Birgit with Luis Luna-Reyes   Reflections on Theory Building and Theory Integration Following a System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper

Korobitsin, Victor with Julia Frolova   Landscape Delimitation between Ethnoses by Modelling   Abstract Paper

Kostina, Nina with Victor Bazylevich   Multipurpose Simulation Systems for Regional Development Forecasting   Abstract Paper Supporting

Kostron, Lubomir with Marek Susta and Ladislav Lakomy   Communicating the Vision of an Urban City Development: A Model   Abstract Paper

Krail, Michael   Quantification of Climate Policy Scenarios for Long-Term Trends in Sustainability in ASTRA   Abstract Paper

Kum, Veasna   A System Dynamics Study of Solid Waste Recovery Policies in Phnom Penh City   Abstract Paper Supporting

Kunc, Martin with John Morecroft   Competitive Advantage, Strategy and Problem Structuring: Revealing the Role of Managerial Cognitive Asymmetries   Abstract Paper

Kunc, Martin   Illustrating the Competitive Dynamics of an Industry: The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Industry Case Study (Dana Meadows Award Winner)   Abstract Paper Supporting

Labedz, Chester with George Stalker   Addressing Methodological Issues in Simulating a Human Resources Problem across Multiple Levels of Observation   Abstract Paper

Lacey, Peter   Futures through the Eyes of a Health System Simulator   Abstract Paper

Langheim, Richard   Workshop: Before the Model: Enhancing Dialogue with Semantica   Abstract

LeClaire, Rene with Gerard O'Reilly   Leveraging a High Fidelity Switched Network Model to Inform a System Dynamics Model of the Telecommunications Infrastructure   Abstract Paper

LeClaire, Rene with Brian Bush, Lori Dauelsberg, Dennis Powell, S. DeLand and M. Samsa   Critical Infrastructure Protection Decision Support System   Abstract Paper

LeClaire, Rene with Dennis Powell, Jeanne Fair, Leslie Moore and David Thompson   Sensitivity Analysis of an Infectious Disease Model   Abstract Paper

Ledet, Winston with Tony Cardella and Michelle Ledet   Workshop: The Manufacturing Game   Abstract

Ledet, Winston with Paul Monus, Tony Cardella and Warren Burgess   Modeling Sustainable Organizational Change – Why Did Change at BP Lima Sustain While the Change at DuPont Faded Away?   Abstract Paper

Lee, Man-Hyung   Resource Cyclical Dynamics of Electric and Electronic Equipment Waste   Abstract Paper

Lee, Tsuey-Ping   Implementing Local Social Welfare Policy: A Systems Dynamics Perspective   Abstract Paper

Li, Geng   Modeling the Effect of Information Feedback on the SARS Epidemic in Beijing   Abstract Paper Supporting

Lin, Jun with Kah Hin Chai, Yoke San Wong and Aarnout Brombacher   Dynamic Modeling of Distributed Product Development Processes   Abstract Paper

Liu, Chao-Yueh with Wei-Tsong Wang   A System Dynamics Approach to Simulation of Tax Policy for Traditional and Internet Phone Services   Abstract Paper

Lizeo, Elaine   A Dynamic Model of Group Learning and Effectiveness   Abstract Paper Supporting

Lofdahl, Corey   Designing Information Systems with System Dynamics: A C2 Example   Abstract Paper

Lopez, Luis with Porfirio Guevara and Roy Zuniga-Saenz   Forecasting Primary Education Efficiency   Abstract Paper

Lopez, Luis   Forgetting Curves: A Case Study   Abstract Paper

Lorenz, Tobias with Andrea Bassi   Comprehensibility as a Discrimination Criterion for Agent-Based Modelling and System Dynamics: An Empirical Approach   Abstract Paper

Lu, Qiang with Kambiz Maani   Analyzing the Conflict between Production and Manufacturing Engineering: A System Dynamics Model   Abstract Paper

Lubyansky, Alexander   A System Dynamics Model of Health Care Surge Capacity   Abstract Paper Supporting

Luna-Reyes, Luis with Vedat Diker and Deborah Andersen   Interviewing as a Strategy for the Assessment of System Dynamics Models   Abstract Paper

Luna-Reyes, Luis with Ignacio Martinez-Moyano, Theresa Pardo, Anthony Cresswell, David Andersen and George Richardson   Group Modeling of IT-Based Innovations in the Public Sector   Abstract Paper

Lyneis, Debra with Rob Quaden, Alan Ticotsky and Diana Fisher   Workshop: System Dynamics for K-12 Students   Abstract

Maani, Kambiz   Managerial Intervention and Firm’s Performance   Abstract Paper

Madnick, Stuart with Nazli Choucri and Michael Siegel   Research Initiative to Understand and Model State Stability: Exploiting System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Mandal, Abhijit   Mental Models, Resource Constraints and Differential Performance   Abstract

Manley, William with Jack Homer, Marna Hoard, Sanjoy Roy, Paul Furbee, Daniel Summers, Robert Blake and Marsha Kimble   A Dynamic Model to Support Surge Capacity Planning in a Rural Hospital   Abstract Paper

Maoret, Massimo with Gianluca Colombo and Edoardo Mollona   Why So Many Start-Ups Fail: A Resource-Based Approach Through System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Martinez Medina, Maria with Carlos Scheel, Gloria Perez Salazar and Roberto Rodriguez   Regional Industrial Development Based on the Dynamics of the Technological Innovation Cycle   Abstract Paper

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio with R. Joel Rahn and Roberta Spencer   The Beer Game: Its History and Rule Changes   Abstract Paper

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio with David McCaffrey and Rogelio Oliva   A Dynamic Theory of Rule Compliance: Evidence from the United States Securities Industry   Abstract Paper

Masyita, Dian with Muhammad Tasrif and Abdi Telaga   A Dynamic Model for Cash Waqf Management as One of the Alternative Instruments for Poverty Alleviation in Indonesia   Abstract Paper Supporting

McDonnell, Geoff with Mark Heffernan   The Dynamics of Hospital Medication Errors: A Systems Simulator Testbed for Patient Safety Interventions   Abstract Paper Supporting

McKenna, Nicholas   Executing Major Projects through Contractors   Abstract Paper

McLucas, Alan with Michael Ryan   Meeting Critical Real-World Challenges in Modelling Complexity: What System Dynamics Modelling Might Learn From Systems Enginee   Abstract Paper

McLucas, Alan   Workshop: Group Model Building: A Modular Approach   Abstract Link

Meadows, Dennis   Sustainable Development System Dynamics   Abstract

Meadows, Dennis   Special Session: Workshop: Systems Thinking Playbook   Abstract

Mehmood, Arif   Modeling Framework for Understanding the Dynamics of Learning Performance in Education Systems   Abstract Paper

Mehmood, Arif   A Prototype Model to Understand the Implications of Interventions to Reduce Deceptive Advertising in a Marketplace   Abstract Supporting

Menezes, Esther with Cristiane Ogushi, Graziella Bonadia, Juliano Dall'Antonia and Giovanni de Holanda   Socioeconomic Factors Influencing Digital TV Diffusion in Brazil   Abstract Paper

Metcalf, Sara with Mark Paich   Spatial Dynamics of Social Network Evolution   Abstract Paper

Meyer, Grischa with Marcus Schroeter and Thomas Spengler   Modelling and Evaluation of Car-Related Taxes in Japan   Abstract

Mildeova, Stanislava with Viktor Vojtko   Results of First Steps in Applications of System Dynamics Principles at the University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic   Abstract Paper

Mohapatra, Pratap   Control Strategies for an Activated Sludge Treatment System   Abstract Paper

Molkenthin, René   Real Time Diagnostics of Problem-Solving Behavior for System Dynamics-Based Business Simulations   Abstract Paper

Mollona, Edoardo   Revisiting the Theory of Intra-Organizational Ecology and Organizational Change: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper

Morecroft, John with Stewart Robinson   Explaining Puzzling Dynamics: Comparing the Use of System Dynamics and Discrete-Event Simulation   Abstract Paper

Morris, Don   Causal Inference in the Social Sciences: Variance Theory, Process Theory, and System Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Morrison, J. Bradley   Implementation as Learning: An Extension of Learning Curve Theory   Abstract Paper Supporting

Moxnes, Erling with Arne Krakenes   SOPS – A Tool to Find Optimal Policies in Stochastic Dynamic Systems   Abstract Paper

Myers, Rodney   Navy Personnel Enterpise Model – A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract

Ni, Xiaowen with Yuqin Yao   System Dynamics in Development and Management of Traveling Resources   Abstract Paper

Ning, Xiaoqian with Qifan Wang and Bing Wu   The Influence of Schedule Targets on Project Performance   Abstract Paper

Ochoa, Patricia   Policy Changes in the Swiss Electricity Market: A System Dynamics Analysis of Likely Market Responses (Dana Meadows Award Winner)   Abstract Paper Supporting

Olaya, Camilo   The Significance of Addressing System Dynamics Explanations   Abstract Paper

Oliva, Rogelio with Paulo Goncalves   Behavioral Causes of Demand Amplification in Sypply Chains: 'Satisficing' Policies with Limited Information Cues   Abstract Paper

Osgood, Nathaniel   Combining System Dynamics and Decision Analysis for Rapid Strategy Selection   Abstract Paper

Otto, Peter with Martin Simon   Growing Ownership and Instilling Confidence for a Decision Support Approach at the Stakeholder Level   Abstract Paper

Papadatos, Martsin with George Dikos, Henry Marcus and Vassilis Papakonstantinou   Inverse System Dynamics in Competitive Economic Modelling: The Case of Tanker Freight Rates   Abstract Paper

Park, Hun-Joon with Sang-Joon Kim and Najung Kim   From Discount to Premium: An Integrative Transparency System for Corporate Sustainability   Abstract Paper

Park, Sang-Hyun with Seung-Jun Yeon, Sang-Wook Kim, Doahoon Kim and Won-Gyu Ha   The Dynamic Effects of Government Policies on Korean Telecommunication Services Market Focusing on the Regulations of Mobile Ph   Abstract Paper

Pavlov, Oleg   Special Session: Economic Dynamics Roundtable   Abstract

Pavlov, Oleg with Nigel Melville and Robert Plice   Unsolicited Commercial Email: An Attention Resource Perspective   Abstract Paper

Pedercini, Matteo with Gerald Barney   Dynamic Analysis of MDG Interventions: The Ghana Pilot   Abstract

Perez Salazar, Gloria   System Dynamics Projects Presented by Poster: Product and Process Synthesis   Abstract Paper

Perez Salazar, Gloria with Irving Arellano, Tania Fierro, Gabriela Morales and Carlos Sanchez   Modeling the Development of a Biotechnological Cluster   Abstract Paper

Potash, P. Jeffrey with John Heinbokel   Unleashing the Revolutionary Implications of a System Dynamics 'Education'   Abstract Paper

Price, Marsha with Thomas Kelly   Boston Housing Dynamics, The Boom and Bust   Abstract

Pudar, Nick with Vincent Barabba   Special Session: System Dynamics in the Real World   Abstract

Qudrat-Ullah, Hassan   Improving Dynamic Decision Making through Debriefing: An Empirical Study   Abstract Paper

Quinn, Timothy with Jenny Rudolph and David Fairchild   Lab Turnaround Time and Delayed Discharges: A Systems-Based Action Research Investigation (Dana Meadows Award Winner)   Abstract Paper

Radzicki, Michael with Oleg Pavlov and Khalid Saeed   Stability in a Superpower-Dominated Global Economic System   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rahmandad, Hazhir   Dynamics of Platform-Based Product Development   Abstract Paper

Rahmandad, Hazhir with Gökhan Dogan and Jeroen Struben   Workshop: System Dynamics Boot Camp for PhD Students   Abstract

Rahn, R. Joel   F.E.A.R. & G.RE.E.D. – A Political Archetype   Abstract Paper Supporting

Ramos, Boris with Khalid Saeed and Oleg Pavlov   An Analysis of Wireless and Value-Added Services on the Regional Dispersion of Telecom Services in Developing Countries   Abstract Paper

Reilly, C. Michael   An Exercise in Using System Dynamics to Enrich the Scenario Simulations Used in Another Research Paper   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rich, Eliot with Ignacio Martinez-Moyano, Stephen Conrad, Dawn Cappelli, Andrew Moore, Timothy Shimeall, David Andersen, Jose Gonzalez, Robert Ellison, Howard Lipson, David Mundie, Jose Mari Sarriegi, Agata Sawicka, Thomas Stewart, José Manuel Torres, Johannes Wiik and Elise Weaver   Simulating Insider Cyber-Threat Risks: A Model-Based Case and a Case-Based Model   Abstract Paper

Robadue, Donald   Understanding the Dynamics of Coastal Resources Management   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rodrigues, Lewlyn with Morvin Martis and G. Krishnamurthy   Modeling Engineering Competence Pool: System Dynamics Based Implications for KM & HRM Integration   Abstract Paper Supporting

Ross, R. Brent   Imputing Economic Returns to Entrepreneurial Behavior: A System Dynamics Model of Firm-Level Innovation and Arbitrage   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rossi, Tommaso with Carlo Noe and Fabrizio Dallari   A Formal Method for Analyzing and Assessing Operational Risk in Supply Chains   Abstract Paper

Roy, Santanu with Sunita Upadhyaya and Vikrant Bhushan   Modelling and Analysis of the Indian Outsourcing Industry: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper

Ryzhenkov, Alexander   Supposing a Control Law of Primary Income Distribution for the Modern US Economy   Abstract Paper Supporting

Saeed, Khalid   Classical Economics on Limits to Growth   Abstract Paper

Saleh, Mohamed with Pål Davidsen and Khaled Bayoumi   A Comprehensive Eigenvalue Analysis of System Dynamics Models   Abstract Paper Supporting

Salge, Markus   Lessons from the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Accident for the Design of Organizational Improvement Initiatives   Abstract Paper Supporting

Samur, Mehmet with Egzi Eren, Omer Hancer and Belkis Tunakan   A Computerized Beer Game and Decision-Making Experiments   Abstract Paper Supporting

Sandrock, Joerg with Christof Weinhardt   System Dynamics Business Models for E-Learning Content Providers   Abstract Paper Supporting

Santos, Javier with Jose Mari Sarriegi and Nicolas Serrano   Dynamic Aspects of an ERP Implementation Project   Abstract Paper

Sarriegi, Jose Mari with José Manuel Torres and Javier Santos   Explaining Security Management Evolution through the Analysis of CIOs’ Mental Models   Abstract Paper

Sawicka, Agata with Jose Gonzalez and Ying Qian   Managing CSIRT Capacity as a Renewable Resource Management Challenge: An Experimental Study   Abstract Paper Supporting

Sawicka, Agata with René Molkenthin   Cognitive Load Dynamics: How to Increase Effectiveness of System Dynamics-Based Learning Environments   Abstract Paper Supporting

Schade, Burkhard with Wolfgang Schade   Assessment of Environmentally Sustainable Transport Scenarios by a Backcasting Approach with ESCOT   Abstract Paper

Schade, Burkhard   KEYNEO – a KEYnesian and NEOclassical Model of the German Economy   Abstract Paper

Schaffernicht, Martin   Are You Experienced? – A Model of Learning Systems Thinking Skills   Abstract Paper

Scheffmann, Tim   Bank Management of Risk Dynamics   Abstract Paper Supporting

Schroeter, Marcus with Thomas Spengler   A System Dynamics Model for Strategic Management of Spare Parts in Closed-Loop Supply Chains   Abstract Paper

Senge, Peter with Lees Stuntz, Diana Fisher and Mary Scheetz   Roundtable: Open Conversation with Educators Innovators   Abstract

Serrano, Maria with Ricardo Sotaquira   Revealing the Colombian Government's Coherence in the Design of Food Security Policies   Abstract

Sharma, Ritu with Tom Mullen   Making Big Decisions Better   Abstract Paper

Siemer, William with Peter Otto   A Group Model-Building Intervention to Support Wildlife Management Decisions   Abstract Paper

Smith, Gill with Eric Wolstenholme and Dean Repper   Initial Experiences of Introducing System Dynamics through a Mental Health Project in North West England   Abstract Paper

Snabe, Birgitte with Markus Salge   Special Session: PhD Colloquium   Abstract

Snabe, Birgitte   Targeted Participative Modelling – Conceptual Discussion and Case Study Presentation   Abstract Paper Supporting

Song, Hae-Deok with Wei-Tsong Wang, Chao-Yueh Liu and Sehnaz Baltaci   Simulating the Impacts of Factors that Support Faculty Adoption of Web-Based Instruction   Abstract Paper Supporting

Stave, Krystyna with Michael Dwyer   A Group Model Building Process to Integrate Land Use, Transportation, and Air Quality Planning in Las Vegas, Nevada   Abstract Paper

Stave, Krystyna with Michael Dwyer   Modeling the Relationship between Population and Land Development under Changing Land Use Policies   Abstract Paper

Struben, Jeroen   Space Matters Too! Mutualistic Dynamics between Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Demand and Fueling Infrastructure   Abstract Paper Supporting

Stuntz, Lees   Required reading: The Future of System Dynamics and Learner-Centered   Abstract Paper

Suetake, Toru with Makoto Ikeda   Public Policy Evaluation using System Dynamics Group Modeling   Abstract Paper

Sveen, Finn with Jose Gonzalez and Richard Sanders   Applying Generic System Archetypes to a 'Beyond the Core' Challenge   Abstract Paper

Takahashi, Yutaka   Influence of Free Version upon Pay Version of High Specialty Software Diffusion   Abstract Paper Supporting

Takahashi, Yutaka   Translation from Natural Language to Stock Flow Diagrams   Abstract Paper

Thompson, David with Brian Bush   Software Practices Applied to System Dynamics: Support for Large Scale Group Development   Abstract Paper

Thompson, Kimberly with Radboud Duintjer Tebbens   Modeling Global Policy for Managing Polioviruses: An Analytical Journey   Abstract Paper

Tignor, Warren   Dynamic Unity – Theory U and System Dynamics   Abstract

Tignor, Warren   Special Session: Peer Review Dialog   Abstract

Torres, José Manuel with Jose Mari Sarriegi and Javier Santos   Searching for Preventive-Corrective Security Balance   Abstract Paper

Tseng, Ya-tsai with Wei Yang Wang and Yi-Ming Tu   The Utilization of Shared Demand Information in a Textile Supply Chain   Abstract Paper

Tsuchiya, Shigehisa with Koichi Sekimizu and Noriko Tsuchiya   Learner-Centered Communication on Nuclear Risk: Public Participation and Transparency through a Gaming/Simulation Approach   Abstract Paper

Uchino, Akira with Nobuhide Tanaka, Yutaka Takahashi and Tetsuma Furihata   Some Contributions toward Spatial Urban Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Ulli-Beer, Silvia with Birgit Kopainsky, Ueli Haefeli and Ruth Kaufmann-Hayoz   Envisioning and Probing the Model for Policy Learning and Scenario Planning   Abstract Paper

Umar, Imrana with Ozgur Ozkan   Workshop: Strategy Communication with ExTrain®   Abstract

van Daalen, Cornelia with Pieter Bots, Michelle Hendriks and Jill Slinger   Translating Insights from a Causal Loop Diagram into a Game   Abstract Paper

Van Den Durpel, Luc   The Use of System Dynamics in Assessing Nuclear Energy System Futures   Abstract Paper

van der Sanden, Roel with Hayke Everwijn, Etiënne Rouwette and Jan Gubbels   Balancing Supply and Demand for Dementia Care in the Netherlands   Abstract Paper

Verhaeghe, Robert with Frank Sanders   Investment Dynamics for a Congested Transport Network with Competition: Application to Port Planning   Abstract Paper

Videira, Nuno with Maria Paula Antunes and Rui Santos   Building up the Science in the Art of Participatory Modeling for Sustainability   Abstract Paper

Vizayakumar, K.   Human Resource Development for the Agricultural Sector in India: A Dynamic Analysis   Abstract Paper

Vogstad, Klaus with Santiago Arango and Hans Ivar Skjelbred   Experimental Economics for Market Design   Abstract Paper

Voyer, John with Susan Chinn and Charlotte Pryor   Adaptive Leadership Challenges at Smaller Nonprofit Organizations: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract Paper Supporting

Wahba, Khaled with Fisal Eissa and Mohamed Salama   The Dynamic Effect of Cluster-Based Economic Policies on SME Clusters in Egypt   Abstract

Wahba, Khaled with Sherif Youssef   Explaining Factors Restraining Egyptian Tourism Industry Growth & Required Course of Action: A System Dynamics Approach   Abstract

Wakeland, Wayne with Megan Hoarfrost   The Case for Thoroughly Testing Complex System Dynamics Models   Abstract Paper

Wakeland, Wayne   Special Session: Environmental Dynamics Roundtable: Environmental Dynamics -- What is it?   Abstract

Wang, Wei Yang with Ya-tsai Tseng   The Dynamics of A Software House’s One-Shot Growth   Abstract Paper

Wang, Wei-Tsong with Chao-Yueh Liu   The Application of the Technology Acceptance Model: A New Way to Evaluate Information System Success   Abstract Paper Supporting

Warren, Kim   2005 Jay Wright Forrester Award    Acceptance Speech Materials

Weaver, Elise   Flynn's Case for a Different Approach to Homeland Security   Abstract Paper Supporting

Weber, Lars   A Contribution to Goodwin’s Growth Cycle Model from a System Dynamics Perspective   Abstract Paper

Weil, Henry with James Utterback   The Dynamics of Innovative Industries   Abstract Paper

Weil, Henry with Brice Dattee   Dynamics of Social Factors in Technological Substitution   Abstract Paper

Wheat, David   Simplifying Learning Environments for Introductory Students   Abstract Paper

White, Anthony with Michael Censlive   Modelling Strategies for Vendor-Managed Inventory   Abstract

Whitney-Smith, Elin   The Dynamics of Information Revolutions: A Causal Loop Model   Abstract Paper

Wiik, Johannes with Jose Gonzalez and Klaus-Peter Kossakowski   Limits to Effectiveness in Computer Security Incident Response Teams   Abstract Paper

Wijesinghe, Sanith   Workshop: Agent-Based Models for Crowd Dynamics   Abstract Link

Winz, Ines   A System Dynamics Approach to Sustainable Urban Development   Abstract Paper

Wolfe, Ellen   Barriers to SD Deployment in Business and Policy Making: Lessons Learned in Assessing Electric Utility Restructuring Policy   Abstract Paper

Wolstenholme, Eric with David Monk, Gill Smith and Douglas McKelvie   Coping but not Coping in Health and Social Care – Masking the Reality of Running Organisations beyond Design Capacity   Abstract Paper

Yamaguchi, Kaoru   Aggregate Demand Equilibria and Price Flexibility – System Dynamics Macroeconomic Modeling   Abstract Paper

Yasarcan, Hakan with Yaman Barlas   Stable Stock Management Heuristics when the Outflow is Proportional to the Control Stock   Abstract Paper

Young, William   Understanding and Diagnosing Adversary System Behavior in 4th Generation Warfare: A Soft Approach to EBO Mission Analysis   Abstract Paper Supporting

Yucel, Gönenç   Sustainability in a Bipolar Global System: A Global Modeling Study with North-South Differentiation   Abstract Paper

Zagonel, Aldo with Stephen Conrad and Paul Kaplan   Modeling the Impact of Loss in U.S. Soybean Production Resulting from Soy Rust Disease   Abstract Paper

Ziomek, Agnieszka   Foreign Direct Investment Impact on Polish Labor Market: The Case of Employment Fluctuation in GSK Pharmaceuticals in Poznan   Abstract Paper

Zuckerman, Oren   Children's Misconceptions as Barriers to Learning Stock-and-Flow Modeling   Paper

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