System Dynamics does an excellent peer review of articles. This year, eeing the reviewers' comments and suggestions online was especially welcomed feedback. The additional benefit of initiating a dialog with the reviewers was a bonus. However, there is always room for improvement. Your thoughts and ideas are welcomed to help us continue to improve our peer review process. Please consider joining a dialog at our Boston meeting to further explore the peer review process. Your presence and ideas are welcome. Some thoughts for consideration are as follows: 1. Need the peer review process start and end so abruptly? Should the reviewer and writer continue the dialog post the society meeting if mutually agreed? Should a reviewer mentor this process? 2. Are there submissions for review that could be enhanced and offered to other venues for publication, and thus improve recognition for the System Dynamics Society? Should a reviewer mentor this process? 3. Could a practitioners develop a business methodology from theory presented in a peer reviewed paper, or could academics proved theoretical underpinnings for a practical approach presented? Should a reviewer facilitate this process? If you are interested in discussing these peer review ideas or others, please consider joining an informal meeting!