The authors will attempt to overview domestic experience of using the system dynamics models in various fields, mainly with respect to practical use of simulations for management decision-making support. This paper will present management flight simulators created at University of Economics in Prague. Theoretic background of these simulators comes from the methodology of system dynamics and systems thinking. These simulators are considered to be tools that would help to understand dynamic relations in an organization as a whole. The authors will show two ways for their simulator development. One is situated in enabling the students as future managers to build their own dynamic problem-solving oriented models. The authors call the simulators prepared in this way “transparent boxes”. In this case advanced users can change virtually everything in the simulator and test the consequences. The other way is to aim to learn some crucial principles of systems thinking and system dynamics using the simulators in a very short time. These simulators called “black boxes” have user interface, which contains the vital information, but the end users cannot change the model structure. This paper is supported by Czech Science Foundation within grant project “System Dynamics Theory And Market Structures”, number GACR 402/05/0502.