An enterprise model is a computational representation of the structure, activities, processes, information, resources, people, behavior, goals, and constraints of an organization. It can be both descriptive and definitional—spanning the “as-is” and/or the “to-be.” The role of an enterprise model is to achieve model-driven enterprise design, analysis, and operation. Of particular concern is an analyst’s ability to determine the impact of changes, and/or proposed changes, on each functional component of the enterprise. For example, how would relaxing recruiting standards affect the quality of Sailors throughout the enterprise? What is the attrition impact to the fleet if we shorten or expand time in the delayed entry program? Upon successful completion, analysts and/or decision-makers will receive an interactive analysis system to facilitate strategic planning. The system will allow component managers to explore the impact that functional policy and resource decisions have across the entire personnel enterprise. The goal is to create a more effective personnel environment through strategic evaluations of potential futures.