How can we build dynamic models to effectively inform our research? The System Dynamics method offers established practices and principles to enable us to do so. This boot camp is directed to expose PhD students to the (iterative) SD modeling process. The workshop consists of two parts. In the first part participants will engage in the process of model building from a case and getting some basic insights. Issues that will be discussed include problem definition, model boundary, scope/level of aggregation, generating insights from modeling, as well as challenging the research question. The second part of the boot camp will address actual issues from participants’ research based on the important themes discussed in the first section. For this we ask participants to submit a one/two page summary of their current research, comprising: abstract, research questions, motivation for model and two or three main issues. We encourage submitting models– in whatever stage of progress. The summaries should be in at latest on Monday of the conference (though earlier is strongly suggested!). The case material will be available upfront so that the participants read the case before hand. Note: this workshop does not involve one-on-one coaching that the modeling assistance workshop offers, nor has it the conference setup of the PhD colloquium. These sessions are complementary to each other and participants are encouraged to participate in all of them.