System Dynamics simulation models of organizational business system of management of material (raw-materials, orders, money, labor, personnel, population, capital equipment: tools, units and factories e.t.c.) and informational flows in productive company will be presented in this paper. Organizational business-production system is simulated by effective scientific discipline System Dynamic and realized by Dynamo (PD4) and PowerSim program packages, also. Due to complexity and extensiveness of business management of organizational business process or production-distribution system global simulation models of companies are presented on the modular way, i.e. with seven relevant sub systems: 1. Production-inventory sub system; 2. Credits sub system; 3. Debits sub system; 4. Sub system of productive capacities; 5. Sub system of Cash-Flow; 6. Gross income-net income sub system; 7. Sub system of demand for organization products, which are common structural characteristic in every productive business organization. These sub system are modelled according to its specific quality. The paper is conceived as follows: sub systems of business production organization, entire model of productive organization system and its simulation, conclusion and used references.