CSIRTs are security incident handling organizations serving a parent organization or a “constituency” of independent organizations. CSIRTs struggle coping with the increasing number and sophistication of incidents; staff is overloaded with work; managers 'over-utilize' their teams. The CSIRT 'mismanagement' problem can be framed as a case of natural resource management. Studies by Moxnes suggest that misperception of dynamics may contribute to natural resources mismanagement. We replicate experiments by Moxnes (2004), reframing the one-stock reindeer rangeland management task as a challenge in sustainable CSIRT management. Our results suggest: 1) The misperception of dynamics persists when the problem context changes; 2) people employ a simplistic anchoring-and-adjustment decision rule to deal with the problem; 3) our data do not support the version of the rule proposed by Moxnes. We hypothesize that the observed misperception might at least in part depend on the way in which the task was presented.