We were at the Lyon’s Pub. Peterson walked in with a presentable young man. “This is Randy,” she said, pulling up a chair. “He’s just back from Egypt.” Ordering a beer, Peterson fished a photo from her pocket. “Doesn’t Randy look grand in front of the Sphinx?” Sedgewick turned to the young man “Tell us about your trip.” Randy smiled in recollection. “I stayed at Le Meridien in Giza. Costs a bloody fortune, but it’s worth it. Has a swim-in bar, don’t you know.” “And the Sphinx?” Sedgewick prompted. Randy’s expression turned weighty. “Big. Damn big.” “So you’ve never actually been to Egypt.” Sedgewick said sadly. “And, never seen the Sphinx.” Like Randy, many of us return from a model without true insight. In this workshop we’ll deeply explore a model or two. You will see how eigenanalysis complements and speeds traditional approaches to understanding models. Math-phobics and math-lovers are equally welcome.