This workshop discusses how advances in technology allow modelers to develop and share their own dynamic simulations on the web. New tools have made creating web interfaces to system dynamics models simpler and inexpensive, but model developers still face hurdles developing web simulations because of the design expectations of Web users. Simulations that run in web browsers have the advantages of global accessibility, simple distribution, and the ability to monitor simulation usage. However, simulations previously delivered in other formats need to be modified in order to effectively use the online medium. Simulations need to engage the user, be simple to navigate, and correspond to the user's learning objectives. This workshop will consist of presentation and a hands on workshop. During the presentation, Will Glass-Husain will demonstrate how to create web simulations and discuss commonly occurring web simulation design challenges and potential solutions. The session will also include a hands-on session where participants will create a paper outline of potential simulation design for a model of their choosing.