This paper, through two separate teaching fragments in the delivery of chemistry education, is to demonstrate the use of system dynamics and the subsequent research process by using software “STELLA”, which clearly reflects the system thinking. As to the decomposing reaction of H2O2, students encountered some unexpected reaction phenomenon. With the help of the “STELLA”, they conducted in-depth research on the causes that lead to such phenomenon mentioned above. The final modeling process clarifies the reaction for the students. What’s more important, it also helps them form the initial concept of system thinking. When studying molar volume of gas, the teacher took as the starting point the four famous Chinese ancient inventions and then moved further to the study of rocket propeller. From the viewpoint of a student at secondary school, they gradually uncover the underpinning theories of rocket propeller. This process brought to them a great sense of achievement and joy. Such a process is beyond any imagination in our traditional teaching conduct. It is not only a harmonious combination of system thinking and the studying of chemistry theories, but in addition, it brings the fundamental reforms in the chemistry education at secondary schools.