The workflow in System Dynamics may be seem to follow certain general flow patterns within the adaptive-iterative approach required. We constructed some diagrams to gain transparency and understanding of different tasks in the model-ling process. The modelling workflow involve systems analysis, group modelling and system dynamics. The systems analysis as executed during group modelling consists of three model building stages and one implementation task. The stages involves Definition, Clarification, Confirmation and Implementation. After defin-ing the issues and questions, the process evolves the Causal Loop Diagram (CLD) iteratively with the Stock and Flow Diagram (SFD), which form the construction drawings for the programming of the model incorporated as a System Dynamic Tool Diagram (SDTD). The third stage is the testing of the computerized model version created by the System Dynamic tool (SD-tool) and the fourth task is the implementation of the outputs into results and policies. This may be considered an iterative process in all the stages. Innovation is the emergent output from a proc-ess operating according to the learning loop: Finally the roadmap given to our students for going from question to model diagram is shown.