The Methodology of System Dynamics claims to promote understanding of complex systems. Accepting this claim, the question ‘Does experience or an education in System Dynamics help people to solve simple, dynamic problems?’ arises. It guides the conduction of our experiment. The first hypothesis about no influence of additional information for problem solving has to be accepted. The performances of two different information treatment groups are not significantly different. Our second hypothesis, that people with and without experience in System Dynamics will have the same performance, has to be rejected. A significant difference between the performances of experienced people and people with no or little experience exists. A possible reason for this circumstance is that an education in System Dynamics doesn’t immediately, but over a longer time horizon, enables people to comprehend dynamic systems. At last, the experimental design will be discussed and several weaknesses will be pointed out. Keywords: Experiment, Applicability of System Dynamics, Hypothesis Testing, Dynamic Problem, Education, Comprehension