Capturing Project Dynamics with a New Project Management Tool: Project Management Simulation Model (PMSM) Ali Afsin Bulbul Portland State University Systems Science Ph.D. Program Harder House 1604 SW 10th Ave. Portland, OR 97201 Phone: (503) 221-4576 Fax: (503) 725-8489 In this research, traditional project management concepts, methods, and their deficiencies relative to increasing complexity of projects is discussed. System Dynamics (SD) modeling is proposed as a complementary project management tool to be used at the higher level to augment operational level project management methods. The potential usage of SD models to promote the learning from projects, both in individual and organizational dimensions, is discussed. Working as a project management laboratory, SD project models can be successfully used to improve understanding of the project process. They can be used to design the project in the project-planning phase, to monitor and control the project in the project-execution phase, and to learn from the project in the post-mortem phase working as a learning infrastructure. A generic SD project management simulation model (PMSM) is built to serve for this purpose. The model structure and the graphical user interface are explained briefly. Tests performed to validate the model revealed that the model is appropriately designed, works properly, and it is robust relative to the purpose of the model.