The method presented in this paper allows for an investigation of how the eigenvalues characterizing the model behavior is created from the underlying model structure and how this behavior feeds back to change instantaneously the relative significance of the model structure. The method also allows us to identify the relative significance of the various parameters that governs the gains of the links and loops of the model. The method has been implemented using Matlab software for the purpose of facilitating an eigenvalue analysis of system dynamic models. This work is based on control theory as well as the previous work on eigenvalue analysis in system dynamics. It summarizes the thesis work by Ahmed AbdelTawab AbdelGawad (2004) and Bahaa E. Aly Abdel-Aleem (2004), under the supervision of Mohamed Saleh and Pål I. Davidsen. The method outlined and Matlab code developed in preparation for this paper may be implemented as part of any simulation package.