Proceedings of the
35th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society
and 60th Anniversary of System Dynamics Celebration*
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA Conference

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Aluko, Segun   Developing conceptual models from qualitative data: a method with audit trail   Abstract

Andalib, Maryam Alsadat with Navid Ghaffarzadegan   Simulation of the Leaky Pipeline: Gender Diversity in US K-Graduate Education   Abstract

Ansah, John with David Matchar and Victoria Koh   Trajectories of functional ability over the life course: a dynamic model of the interaction of stressor-induced functional loss   Abstract

Astor, Todd   Integration of Innovation and Technology as a Strategic Advantage for an Organ Transplant Program   Abstract Paper

Atamer Balkan, Büsra with Sedef Meral   Olive Oil Industry Dynamics: The Case of Turkey   Abstract Paper

Baghaei Lakeh, Arash with Navid Ghaffarzadegan   The Dual-Process Theory and Understanding of Stocks and Flows (Dana Meadows Award Winner)   Abstract

Bahaddin, Babak with Stephen Weinberg, Luis Luna-Reyes and David Andersen   Simulating Lifetime Saving Decisions: The Behavioral Economics of Countervailing Cognitive Biases   Abstract Paper Supporting

Bai, Yining with Saeed Langarudi and Alexander Fernald   Long-term Dynamics of Acequia Population in New Mexico   Abstract Paper Supporting

Balseiro-Romero, María with Carmen Monterroso, Petra Kidd, Panagiotis Gkorezis, Jaco Vangronsveld and Juan Casares Long   Modeling the Bioremediation of a Diesel-contaminated Soil Using an Enriched Hydrocarbon-degrading Inoculant   Abstract Paper Supporting

Bartelet, Henry   Exploring the effectiveness of policies to reverse rapid coral reef degradation in the Philippines   Abstract

Bartelet, Henry with Pamela Fletcher   Exploring disease dynamics on coral reef ecosystems through system dynamics models   Abstract Paper

Batinge, Benjamin with Josephine Musango and Alan Brent   Boosting electricity access in Africa with private sector financing   Abstract

Bayer, Steffen with Kirsten Eom, Nirmali Sivapragasam, Deidre de Silva, Gerald Koh, Kelvin Tan, John Ansah and David Matchar   Estimating costs and benefits of stroke management: A population-based simulation model of improvement scenarios   Abstract Supporting

Beasley, Sydney with Chintan Vaishnav, Michael Bono, Rohit Karnik, Vinod Kothari, Sunesh Sharma and Avijit Mallik   The Evolutionary Dynamics of Indias Rural Water Systems: Part I   Abstract Paper

Becker, David with JR Talburt, Tom Redman and Terry Williams   Using Dance of Change Concepts to Apply Critical Cultural Success Factors to Data Quality Initiatives (Research in Progress)   Abstract Paper Supporting

Bernardo, Giovanni with Simone D'Alessandro   The societal implications of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP)   Abstract Supporting

Bivona, Enzo with Federico Cosenz   Designing healthcare policies to reduce caesarean sections: an empirical analysis   Abstract

Black, Laura with David Andersen, Krystyna Stave, Luis Luna-Reyes and Larry Gottschamer   Report on a Pilot to Support Student Peer-Mentoring Groups   Abstract Paper

Blumberga, Andra with Armands Gravelsins, Dagnija Blumberga, Gatis Bazbauers, Pĺl Davidsen and Toms Prodanuks   Moving towards biotechonomy: an applied case in agriculture sector   Abstract Paper

Bolivar, Maria with Luz-Angélica Rodriguez and Joan Cruz   Psychosocial Risk in the Nursing Personnel of a Health Care Provider   Abstract Paper Supporting

Capelo, Carlos with Joao Dias and Renato Pereira   Exploring the Dynamics of an Energy Service Venture for Energy Efficiency Policy   Abstract Paper Supporting

Carnohan, Shane with Jai Clifford-Holmes, Jill Slinger, Sharon Pollard and Harry Biggs   ResiMod: A Collaboratively-Built Model to Assist Facilitating Strategic Conversations in the Olifants River Catchment of South   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

Castaneda, Monica with Sebastián Zapata Ramirez, Maritza Jimenez, Isaac Dyner and Carlos Franco Cardona   Exploring the impact of residential PV systems on electricity utilities and customers   Abstract

Cave, Siôn with Steve Bennett, Rebecca Pleasant and Emma Woodham   Assessing the Future Workforce Supply for the UK Nuclear Sector   Abstract Paper Supporting

Cehreli, Ceren with Ipek Dursun and Yaman Barlas   Modeling and Analysis of the Speculative Dynamics of Currency Exchange Rates: A Case Study from Turkey   Abstract Paper Supporting

Chan, Derek with Jeroen Struben and Laurette Dube   Market Formation Across Socioeconomic Class: Impact of Market Infrastructure and Mechanisms   Abstract

Chen, Jian Hung with Jian-Jing Li, Yu-Fang Liang, Ting-Hsien Wu and Li-Xiang Lin   Analysing the Market Evolution and Strategy of the DSLR Industry   Abstract

Chitawo, Maxon with Annie Chimphango and Steve Peterson   Modelling sustainability of primary forest residues-based bioenergy system   Abstract Paper

Chiu, Yiwen   Water Consumption Impact under Climate and Population Scenarios   Abstract Paper

Chung, Chang-Kwon with Ryeong Ji Park, Jinkyung Choi and Ji Won Son   Case Study of K-12 program in South Korea - Applied by World Climate Focused on Environment Subject   Abstract Paper Supporting

Coelho, Mário with Joăo Tomé Saraiva and Adelino Jorge Coelho Pereira   Long Term Impacts of the RES-E Promotion in the Brazilian Power System   Abstract Paper Supporting

Cucchiaro, Stephen   A Multi-Player Game Theoretic Framework to Modeling the Global Capital Markets   Abstract Paper

Curran, Martina with Enda Howley and Jim Duggan   A Qualitative Approach for Clustering Simulation Output Data Based on Behaviour Mode Analysis   Abstract Supporting

D'Acosta Rivera, Jorge with Edmilson Moraes   Enhancing stock and flow relationship understanding through experiential learning   Abstract Paper

Dabirian, Shahin with Mehdi Saffar   Evaluation of construction safety management based on site corrective actions   Abstract Paper Supporting

Das, Dillip   Exploring Information Communication Technology and mobility linkage for smart and sustainable cities in developing countries   Abstract Paper Supporting

Deuten, Sebastiaan   A Dynamic Theory of Healthcare Work Pressure, Nurses Well-being and Patient Satisfaction   Abstract Paper Supporting

Dianati, Kaveh with Nici Zimmermann and Michael Davies   London’s Housing Crisis   Abstract Paper

Dillerup, Ralf with Daniela Kappler and Fiona Oster   Improving the Management of Innovation Risks   Abstract Paper Supporting

Domenge, Rogerio with Jorge Mejia   Strategic Resources Investment Planning for Growth and Development: An executive training model   Abstract Paper Supporting

Duintjer Tebbens, Radboud with Kimberly Thompson   Using integrated modeling to support the global eradication of vaccine-preventable diseases   Abstract Paper

Dykes, Katherine with John Sterman   Dynamics of Innovation and Diffusion in Large-Scale Complex Technical Systems: the Case of Wind Energy   Abstract Paper Supporting

Enos, James   Modeling ISIL: Understanding the Dynamics of a Modern Terrorist Network   Abstract Paper

Eubanks, Keith with Hua Yang, John Kapson and Kenneth Cooper   An In Silico Exploration of HIV   Abstract

Fallah-Fini, Saeideh   Estimating energy imbalance gap explaining obesity prevalence among Australian adults   Abstract

Farr, Warren   The Elements and Structure of a Group Model Building Case Study Database   Abstract Paper Supporting

Fiddaman, Thomas with Larry Yeager   Dynamic cohorts: a new approach to managing detail   Abstract Paper Supporting

Fisher, Diana with Lees Stuntz, Tracy Benson, Anne LaVigne and Warren Farr   The Next 25 Years in Pre-College Education: A Move Toward Global Understanding of Complex Systems   Abstract Supporting

Ford, Andrew   Simulating the long-term or the short-term? Dare we do both? Lessons from Policy Simulations in the Electric Power Industry   Abstract Paper

Galarneau, Karen with Randall Singer and Robert Wills   A Broiler House Simulator to Facilitate Management of Disease in Poultry Production   Abstract

Gary, Shayne with Shanie Atkinson   Implementation Strategies and Post-Merger Integration Performance Outcomes   Abstract Paper

Garzia, Carmine   Innovation diffusion and bandwagon effect. The palm oil in the Italian bakery industry   Abstract Paper Supporting

Gerber, Andreas with David Lara Arango, Progress Nyanga and Birgit Kopainsky   How do Zambian farmers allocate their budget? Evidence about dynamic decision-making based on a Cournot field experiment   Abstract

Getmansky Sherman, Mila   Systemic Risk and Financial Networks   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

Ghaffarzadegan, Navid with Alireza Ebrahimvandi and Mohammad Jalali   A Dynamic Model of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder for Military Personnel and Veterans   Abstract

Ghaffarzadegan, Navid with Armin Ashouri Rad, Sam Middlebrooks, Michael Shepherd, Landon Chambers and Todd Boyum   Dell's SupportAssist Customer Adoption Model: Enhancing the Next Generation of Data-Intensive Support Services   Abstract

Ghaffarzadegan, Navid with Richard Larson   SD Meets OR: A New Synergy to Address Policy Problems   Abstract

Goncalves, Paulo   Dealer Hoarding, Sales Push and Seed Returns: On the Interdependency between Incentives and Salesforce Management   Abstract

Gonzalez, Esneyder with René Amaya Mier and Ruben Yie Pinedo   Automation of Loop Eigenvalue Elasticity Analysis   Abstract Paper Supporting

Grace, William   Beyond the Death Spiral - Transitioning to Renewable Energy in Western Australia (Best Poster Award Winner)   Abstract Paper Supporting

Grace, William with Mark Parker   Worklife Satisfaction – Subjective Wellbeing in the Workplace   Abstract Paper Supporting

Guehnemann, Astrid with Simon Shepherd   Identifying key factors for the commercial success of an integrated journey planning and ticketing smartphone application   Abstract Paper Supporting

Hafner, Sarah with Tomas Hubik, Joona Tuovinen, Hector Menendez and Thomas Horschig   We Like Each Other – Is this the Systemic Solution for the Survival of Peer Mentoring Groups?   Abstract Paper

Happach, Roland Maximilian with Pĺl Davidsen and Meike Tilebein   Integrating Energy Storage into the German Electricity Market   Abstract Supporting

Happach, Roland Maximilian with William Schoenberg   Linking Simulator Functionality with Learning: An Extension of the Taxonomy of Computer Simulations to Support Learning   Abstract Paper Supporting

Heffernan, Mark with Jo-An Atkinson, Geoff McDonnell, Nick Roberts, Vincy Li, Louise Freebairn, Jacqueline Davison and Ante Prodan   Reducing Childhood Overweight and Obesity: Can the target be reached by 2025?   Abstract

Hettesheimer, Tim   Interactions of production strategies and a production system’s performance   Abstract Paper

Hines, David with Jenna Kolling, Thomas Transue and Rochelle Araujo   The System Dynamics Model User Sustainability Explorer (SD-MUSE) tool for interpreting system dynamic models   Abstract

Hoffman, Eliza   Nutrient Balance Simulation in Small-Scale Recirculating Aquaculture   Abstract Supporting

Homer, Jack   Designs for Living: A Simulation Analysis of Factors Affecting Achievement and Satisfaction over the Life Cycle   Abstract Paper Supporting

Horvat, Djerdj with Christian Lerch and Sven Wydra   Dynamics of the European lignocellulosic (2G) ethanol demand: An analysis of policy and learning effects on market growth   Abstract Paper Supporting

Hosseinichimeh, Niyousha with Joshua Hawley, Alireza Ebrahimvandi, Rod MacDonald and David Andersen   Comparing Two Interventions to Reduce Infant Mortality in the State of Ohio   Abstract Supporting

Houghton, James   Network propagation of connected ideas   Abstract Paper Supporting

Hwang, Won-Sik with Nam Hee Choi   Socio-economic Impact of the mHealth Adoption in Managing Diabetes   Abstract

Ibarra-Vega, Danny with Gerard Tost and Johan Manuel Redondo   Model for Assessment Sustainability Indicators in biofuels.   Abstract Paper

Jandt, Daniel with Katja Laurischkat   Understanding the dynamics of sustainable mobility and energy solutions and economic implications for their competitiveness   Abstract

Jones, Charles with Saad Benjelloun   Policy Decisions and Climate-Smart Agriculture in Africa   Abstract Paper Supporting

Kapmeier, Florian with Jeroen Struben   Understanding the Dynamics of Alliance Capabilities   Abstract Paper

Kapourani, Eleftheria-Eleni with Florian Kapmeier   "Boom without Limits?" - An Analysis of the Stuttgart Real Estate Market   Abstract Paper Supporting

Karanfil, Ozge with Hazhir Rahmandad, Jack Homer and John Sterman   A Dynamic Model for Understanding Long-Term Trends in Prostate Cancer Screening (Lupina Award Winner)   Abstract Supporting

Karanfil, Ozge with John Sterman   Our Walk to the End of Cancer? Understanding Long-Term Trends in Medical Screening   Abstract Supporting

Karapici, Amanda   Administrative Court of Appeals Backlog Dynamics   Abstract Paper

Keith, David with Sergey Naumov   Blocking and Bridging: When Do Intergenerational Hybrids Help and Hinder Technological Transitions?   Abstract Supporting

Kolling, Jenna with Nick Flanders, Andrea Bassi, Llael Cox, Andrew Procter, Rochelle Araujo, David Hines and Nadav Tanners   Simulating the Interactions Among Land Use, Transportation, and Economy to Inform Light Rail Transit Decisions   Abstract Supporting  Link from authors

Kubli, Merla   Squaring the sunny circle? On balancing incentives for solar prosumers and cost causation   Abstract Paper Supporting

Kunc, Martin with Federico Barnabe and Maria Cleofe Giorgino   Understanding Value Creation under Dynamic Complexity: An example from Integrated Reporting practices   Abstract Supporting

Kunte, Shreenivas with Om Damani   Aggregation underestimates growth: Case study in Population Modelling for India   Abstract Paper Supporting

Lamberson, PJ   Approximating Network Dynamics in Compartmental System Dynamics Models   Abstract Paper

Landry, Erik with John Sterman   The Capability Trap: Prevalence in Human Systems   Abstract Paper

Langarudi, Saeed with Isa Bar-On   Utility Perception in System Dynamics Models   Abstract Paper Supporting

Lara Arango, David with Andreas Gerber, Progress Nyanga and Birgit Kopainsky   Cournot markets in the field: The case of Zambian farmers   Abstract

Lara Arango, David with Erling Moxnes   Testing Meadows hog cycle theory by laboratory   Abstract Supporting

Leerapan, Borwornsom   Dynamics of Healthcare Utilization under the Civil Servant Medical Benefit Scheme of Thailand’s Universal Health Coverage   Abstract Paper

Libby, Bradd with Alexander Christiansen   A Sea Level Rise Simulator for Coastal Communities   Abstract Paper Supporting

Ling, Hui Jun with Michael Quah and Jenson Goh   To invest or not to invest in sustainability? Dilemma of a small hotel   Abstract Paper

Linneusson, Gary with Amos Ng and Tehseen Aslam   Justifying maintenance studying system behavior: a multi-purpose approach using multi-objective optimization (Best Poster Award Winner)   Abstract Paper

Luo, Mei-Chun with Wei-Tsong Wang   Exploring the effect of conflict management on the performance of ERP software customization-A Case Study of D Company   Abstract Paper Supporting

Marcal, Katherine with Saras Chung and Patrick Fowler   Homelessness in the Child Welfare System: Barriers for Safety, Permanency, and Well-Being   Abstract Supporting

Martin, Richard with Gizem Bacaksizlar   Modeling the Dynamics of an Urban Emergency Medical Services System   Abstract Paper Supporting

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio   Modeling Aviation Security   Abstract

McCardle-Keurentjes, Marleen with Etiënne Rouwette and Jac Vennix   Potential benefits of using a causal loop diagram in group model building: Evidence from a systematic investigation   Abstract

Meehan, Conor with Therese Bennich, David Collste, Conrad Steinhilber, Tom Bongers and Aly Elmasry   A new tool for education for sustainable development (Barry Richmond Award Winner)   Abstract Supporting

Menendez, Hector with Melissa Wuellner, Roger Gates, Benjamin Turner and Barry Dunn   Estimating Erosion, Water Quantity and Quality Changes in Response to South Dakota Grassland Conversion   Abstract Paper Supporting

Minyard, Karen with Tina Anderson Smith, Richard Turner and Bobby Milstein   Community and Programmatic Factors Influencing Effective Use of System Dynamic Models   Abstract

Moore, Andrew   Modeling the Influence of Positive Incentives on Insider Threat Risk Reduction   Abstract Paper

Morrison, J. Bradley with Robert Wears   Modeling Rasmussen’s Dynamic Modeling Problem: Drift towards a Boundary of Safety   Abstract Supporting

Moshrefi, Rassam with Bahareh Ansari and Mahdi Mirdamadi Najafabadi   A Flight Simulator for Sea Port Capacity Improvement: A Case Study of Rajaee Port of Iran   Abstract Paper

Moulton, Allen with Stuart Madnick, Gregory Love, John James, Greg Howard, Aleksandra Markina-Khusid, Paula Mahoney and Sean Ricks   Managerial Implications and Comparative Effects of SAFe Scaled Agile Methods in Government Software Acquisition   Abstract Paper

Nachtrieb, Robert with David Fridley, Wei Feng, Nihan Karali, Nina Khanna, Nan Zhou, Carolyn Szum and Jimmy Tran   Impact Model for US-China Clean Energy Research Center for Building Energy Efficiency   Abstract Supporting

Naugle, Asmeret with Michael Bernard   Proxy War in the Gray Zone   Abstract

Ogano, Noah   Managing Project Risks in the Electricity industry in Sub Saharan Africa   Abstract Paper

Olaya, Camilo with Maria Alejandra Victorino Jimenez   The Power of Operational Thinking for Engineering Social Systems: A Tale of Crime and Police Work in an Urban District   Abstract Paper

Orta, Armando with Simon Shepherd   Modelling open skies agreements and air passenger competition   Abstract Paper Supporting

Pavlov, Oleg with Yoon Jeon Kim   A Learning Sciences Investigation of Game-Based Structural Debriefing   Abstract Paper

Pavlov, Oleg   Financial Instability through the Eyes of the Federal Reserve Bank Supervisors   Abstract Paper

Phan, Thuc with James Smart, Oz Sahin, Samantha Capon, Wade Hadwen, Lan Nguyen and Ngoan Pham   Assessing the vulnerability and adaptation options for coastal water supply and demand systems   Abstract Paper

Prouty, Christine with Shima Mohebbi and Qiong Zhang   Determining Site-Specific Strategies to Improve the Adoption and Sustainability of Resource Recovery Systems: A Community-Infor   Abstract

Pucarevic, Nikola   Systemic Interventions Design in Public Policy Management:Youth Policy Case Study   Abstract Supporting

Qi, Liang with Cleotilde Gonzalez   Chinese students’ mathematical knowledge beats their domain experience and global cognitive styles in stock-and-flow problems   Abstract

Qorbani, Davood with Yokei Yamaguchi, Federico Cosenz and Sebastiaan Deuten   Analyzing Business Dynamics of Ride-Hailing Services: A DPM Approach Applied to Uber Inc.   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rahmandad, Hazhir with Zeynep Ton   When Does Paying More Pay Off?   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rahmandad, Hazhir   Can Good Jobs be Profitable in Low Cost Services?   Abstract Paper Supporting

Randers, Jorgen with Ulrich Goluke and Beniamino Callegari   THE CORE OF THE 2052 MODEL A general model of a modern capitalist economy - covering real and financial dynamics   Abstract Paper

Ricci, Elena   Simulating the diffusion of smart energy behaviour among consumers: an application to Italy   Abstract Paper

Riva, Fabio with Emanuela Colombo and Carlo Piccardi   Modelling social networks in innovation diffusion processes: the case of electricity access in rural areas   Abstract Paper

Roeder, Vivien   The Attempt to Boost Stock Flow Performance by Using a General Problem Solving Strategy and a Reappearing Gender Effect   Abstract Paper

Rogers, Jim with Mark Heffernan and Ed Gallaher   Vignettes Apparent in Surviving Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma [Which May Help Others]   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rogers, Jim with Ed Gallaher and Craig Hocum   An Individualized ESA Dosing Regimen for Hemodialysis Patients To Stabilize Hemoglobin Levels in a Target Range   Abstract Paper Supporting

Rojas-Cordova, Alba with Niyousha Hosseinichimeh   Trial Termination and Drug Misclassification in Sequential Adaptive Clinical Trials   Abstract

Rooney-Varga, Juliette with John Sterman, Eduardo Fracassi, Travis Franck, Florian Kapmeier, Victoria Kurker, Ellie Johnston, Andrew Jones and Kenneth Rath   World Climate: Can role-play with interactive models enhance climate knowledge, affect and intent to act?   Abstract Supporting  Link from authors

Rydzak, Felicjan with Paul Monus   Shaping organizational network structure to enable sustainable transformation   Abstract

Ryzhenkov, Alexander   How Economic Policies Profile Industrial Cycles and Long-term Trends (an Application to the USA)   Abstract Paper Supporting

Sato, Jeremy   Dominance Analysis Using Pathway Force Decomposition   Abstract Paper Supporting

Sato, Jeremy   What Counts As An Explanation For System Behavior? A Brief History of SD from a Dominance Perspective   Abstract Paper

Schaffernicht, Martin   Shed light on dark feedback loops! - The consequences of not recognizing feedback loops for the dominant management logic   Abstract Paper

Schuetze, Brendan   Did Globalization Hurt the Miskito People? Using a Quantitative Model to Test a Qualitative Theory from Political Ecology   Abstract Paper Supporting

Sharareh, Nasser with Nasim Sabounchi and Serder Atav   Study of Interventions to Improve Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination Receipt Rate among Adolescent Boys in NYS   Abstract

Simoes, Andre with Roberto Protil, Charles Nicholson and Andrew Novakovic   The Impact of Production Technology on Dynamic Behavior of Brazilian Farm Milk Prices   Abstract Paper

Sovilj, Siniša with Marina Tkalec and Dominik Pripuzic   National Economic Model: A Case of the Transition Economy   Abstract

Stave, Krystyna with Nuno Videira   Exploring the Dynamics of Food Sharing Systems With Participatory System Dynamics Modeling – The Re-Food Case   Abstract

Stringfellow, Erin with Jeremy Sato   Feedback Effects of Acceptability, Affordability, Accessibility, and Quality on Drug Addiction Treatment and Remission   Abstract

Stwertka, Carolyn with Steve Peterson, Emma Cutler, Mary Albert and Kathleen White   Engaging communities to make resilience an operational concept (Best Poster Award Winner)   Abstract Paper Supporting

Suprun, Emiliya with Oz Sahin, Rodney Stewart and Kriengsak Panuwatwanich   Dealing With Complexity: A Holistic Participatory Systems Approach For Improving Construction Innovation Performance   Abstract Paper

Tascón-Hoyos, Diana   Dynamic Model for Comparing the Performance of Waste Management Strategies over Sustainability Dimensions   Abstract Paper Supporting

Thazhathu Valiyaveettil, Krishna Mohan with R K Amit   An Analysis of End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) Recycling in Emerging Economies   Abstract Paper

Turner, Benjamin with Michael Goodman, Clay Mathis, Rick Machen, Ryan Rhoades and Barry Dunn   Lessons from a long-term Beer Game dataset played by natural resource managers:reinforcing systems education across disciplines   Abstract Paper Supporting

Turner, Benjamin   Development and evaluation of an ecohydrology soil-moisture model to aid in understanding semi-arid ecosystem dynamics   Abstract Paper Supporting

Turner, Benjamin with Steven Chumbley   Learning to Teach System Dynamics in Agricultural and Resource Management Before and After the Competence Development Framework   Abstract Paper Supporting

Uriona Maldonado, Mauricio with Matheus Leusin, Caroline Rodrigues Vaz and Sara Grobbelaar   Diffusion Dynamics of Wind Energy Technology in Brazil   Abstract Paper

Urwannachotima, Nipaporn with Victoria Koh, Piya Hanvoravongchai and John Ansah   Modeling to inform policy on Oral health/Dental caries among adults and elderly in Thailand   Abstract

Veldhuis, Guido with Nicolaas de Reus and Bas Keijser   Continued development of a concept to implement M&S in support of the operations process   Abstract Paper

Venkateswaran, Jayendran with Kelsey Werner, Chetan Solanki and Gautam Yadama   Understanding the Implementation Dynamics of a Technology Intervention Project   Abstract Paper Supporting

Voyer, John with Tristan Jordan   A Veterinary Telemedicine Case Study (Best Poster Award Winner)   Abstract Paper

Wakeland, Wayne with Erin Kenzie and Elle Parks   Computational Modeling Framework for Multi-level Systems w Feedback, Uncertainty, and Heterogeneity—Case in Point: Concussion   Abstract Paper

Wang, Wei-Tsong with Nai-Yuan Ko   The dynamics of knowledge sharing practices of project teams when encountering changes in project scopes   Abstract

Welch, Cory   Making the Case for Using Analytica® for System Dynamics Modeling: A Reference Guide and Comparison with Classical Platforms   Abstract Paper Supporting

Wilson, Benedicte   The dynamics of female labour force participation: how family policy influences womens work behaviour (Best Poster Award Winner)   Abstract Paper Supporting

Wilson, Michael with David Keith   Exploring the Resilience of Boston’s Urban Snow Management Policies   Abstract Supporting

Woodruff, Sierra with Todd BenDor   Fighting the inevitable: Systems thinking, infrastructure, and coastal community trajectories in the face of sea level rise   Abstract

Wuellner, Melissa with Benjamin Turner, Hector Menendez and Dan Dembkowski   Explaining and Predicting Recruitment of Yellow Perch in North American Inland Lakes   Abstract Paper

Xu, Ran with Ken Frank and William Penuel   The Micro-Dynamics of Network Leverage: Implications for Change Agents External to an Organization   Abstract Paper Supporting

Zapata Ramirez, Sebastián with Isaac Dyner, Judith Cherni, Monica Castaneda and Carlos Franco Cardona   Assessing renewable energies on the sustainability of the power sector   Abstract

Zapata Ramirez, Sebastián with Monica Castaneda, Isaac Dyner and Carlos Franco Cardona   Assessing security of supply in a large-based hydroelectricity system   Abstract

Zeijlemaker, Sander with Etiënne Rouwette   A financial evaluation of DDOS defences dynamics from an organisational perspective: how long will these defences hold?   Abstract Paper Supporting

Zhao, Jidi with Jianguo Jia   Modelling the Complex Dynamics of Public Opinion Propagation in Micro-Blogging   Abstract Paper

Zhu, Quan with Henk Akkermans   Business Models for Condition Based Maintenance Services   Abstract Paper Supporting

Zia, Asim with Christopher Koliba   Intergovernmental Dynamics of Transportation Planning: Why Some Towns Attract More Federal Funding Than Others?   Abstract Paper

Zia, Asim with Christopher Koliba   Agent Based Modeling of Intergovernmental Networks: Harnessing Experimental Simulations for Transportation Policy Informatics   Abstract

Zimmerman, Lindsey with David Lounsbury   Synthesizing Stakeholder Engagement, Electronic Health Records and Simulation for Timely, High-Quality VA Mental Health Care   Abstract

Zimmermann, Nici with Kaveh Dianati, James Milner, Mwangi Chege, Balázs Csuvar, Kanyiva Muindi, Blessing Mberu, Catherine Kyobutungi, Henry Fletcher, Paul Wilkinson   Indoor air pollution as an issue of nonattention in Nairobi’s informal settlements   Abstract Paper Supporting


Bean, Michael   Creating Interactive Simulations Online with Forio Epicenter   Abstract  Link from authors

Eberlein, Robert with Karim Chichakly, William Schoenberg and Sarah Davie   Creating Compelling Interfaces with Stella   Abstract

Eberlein, Robert with Karim Chichakly, William Schoenberg and Sarah Davie   Building Multiplayer Games with Stella   Abstract

Eberlein, Robert with Karim Chichakly, William Schoenberg and Sarah Davie   Getting Started with Stella and Stella Online   Abstract

Eberlein, Robert with Karim Chichakly, William Schoenberg and Sarah Davie   Managing Complexity with Stella Professional   Abstract

Farr, Warren   Exploring the Benefits of an Online Group Model Building Case Study Database   Abstract Supporting

Fiddaman, Thomas with Larry Yeager   Hands-on Entity Based System Dynamics   Abstract  Link from authors

Fiddaman, Thomas   Model Analysis with Vensim and Classic Models   Abstract  Link from authors

Fiddaman, Thomas   Getting Started with Vensim   Abstract  Link from authors

Fisher, Diana   Teaching Students to Create Original Models in a Ten-Week Course   Abstract

Franck, Travis with Todd Fincannon and James Houghton   Using SD Everywhere to Bring SD Models to Mac, Windows, and the Web   Abstract Paper  Link from authors

Gambardella, Pascal with David Lounsbury   Modeling Psychological and Sociological Dynamics   Abstract Paper Supporting

Jones, Andrew with Ellie Johnston, Florian Kapmeier and Juliette Rooney-Varga   World Energy and En-ROADS Training   Abstract  Link from authors

Maani, Kambiz   A Decision Lab for Wicked Multi-stakeholder Problems   Abstract  Link from authors

Malczynski, Leonard with Jacob Jacobson and La Tonya Walker   Technical issues in modeling of energy and water problems   Abstract

Malczynski, Leonard   Feedback Rich Model Construction with Powersim Studio   Abstract Paper Supporting  Link from authors

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio   System Dynamics Model Documentation and Assessment Tool (SDM-Doc)   Abstract  Link from authors

Ros, Arjen with Michel Kuijer   Exploring Asset Management Principles in an Aging Infrastructure Case   Abstract

Warren, Kim   Sysdea browser-based software: ideal for new-comers to SD   Abstract  Link from authors

Warren, Kim   Modeling New Ventures : Planning, Financing and managing Operations   Abstract  Link from authors

Other Presentations and Events

Armenia, Stefano   Italian Chapter Annual Meeting and Roundtable   Abstract

Arthur, Daniel   Economics Chapter Annual Meeting and Roundtable   Abstract

Bahaddin, Babak   Iran Chapter Meeting   Abstract

Carnohan, Shane   Environmental Special Interest Group Annual Meeting and Roundtable   Abstract

Chichakly, Karim   Brazil Chapter Meeting   Abstract

Chichakly, Karim   XMILE Technical Committee Meeting (open meeting)   Abstract

Cooper, Kenneth   Classic Case Studies in System Dynamics--A Fireside Chat with Ken Cooper   Abstract

de Gooyert, Vincent   Benelux Annual Chapter Meeting and Roundtable   Abstract

Dudley, Richard with Thomas Fiddaman, Özge Pala, John Sterman, Florian Kapmeier, R. Joel Rahn and Krystyna Stave   Dana Meadows Award Presentation   Abstract  Citation by Tom Fiddaman  Link to Award Information

Gambardella, Pascal with David Lounsbury, John Hayward and Dana Ilmari Polojarvi   Psychology and Human Behavior SIG: Annual Meeting and Roundtable Featuring SD and the Humanities   Abstract Supporting

Hayward, John   United Kingdom Chapter Annual Meeting and Roundtable   Abstract Paper

Houghton, James   Model Analysis Special Interest Group Annual Meeting and Roundtable   Abstract

Kapmeier, Florian   German Chapter Informal Gathering   Abstract  Link from authors

Kubli, Merla   Energy Special Interest Group Annual Meeting and Roundtable   Abstract

Malczynski, Leonard   Presidential Address  Speech  Link to past Presidential Addresses

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio with Edward Anderson   Conflict, Defense and Security Special Interest Group Annual Meeting and Roundtable   Abstract

McKelvie, Douglas   Health Policy Special Interest Group Business Meeting   Abstract

Menendez, Hector with Lucia Avila, Benjamin Turner and Alberto Atzori   The first year of the Agriculture and Food SIG   Abstract

Morrison, J. Bradley   System Dynamics Applications Award Announcement   Abstract  Citation by Brad Morrison  Link to Award Information

Moxnes, Erling   System Dynamics Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony   Abstract  Citation by Erling Moxnes  Link to Award Information

Musango, Josephine   South Africa Chapter Annual Meeting and Roundtable   Abstract

Naumov, Sergey with Rogelio Oliva   Structural Dominance Analysis Tool Demonstration   Abstract

Palmer, Erika   Student Chapter Annual Meeting and Roundtable   Abstract

Palmer, Erika with Benedicte Wilson   PhD Colloquium   Abstract  Link to Student Chapter website

Perez Salazar, Gloria   Latin America Chapter Meeting   Abstract

Pugh, Julie with Jack Pugh, David Andersen and Roberta Spencer   Announcing the SDS Legacy Campaign   Abstract

Rogers, Jim with Ed Gallaher   Biomedical System Dynamics Special Interest Group (BMSD SIG) Business Meeting   Abstract Paper

Ros, Arjen with Michel Kuijer   Asset Dynamics SIG Meeting   Abstract

Shepherd, Simon   Transportation SIG Meeting   Abstract

Sterman, John with Nelson Repenning, George Richardson and Jack Homer   Remembering Jay: A Life on the Frontier. System Dynamics at Sixty   Abstract

Stuntz, Lees with Tracy Benson, Saras Chung, Diana Fisher, Anne LaVigne and Greg Orpen   What's Happening in Pre-College Education in the United States?   Abstract  Link from authors

Wakeland, Wayne  System Dynamics in Biomedicine, from models to clinical trials and patient impact. Discussant Wayne Wakeland  Discussant Slide

Yan, Haiyan with Jiayin Qi   China Annual Chapter Meeting and Roundtable   Abstract Supporting

System Dynamics Society
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