Abstract for: Dynamic Model for Comparing the Performance of Waste Management Strategies over Sustainability Dimensions

This paper aims to show a System Dynamics model proposed to evaluate and compare the impact of diverse waste management strategies on Construction and Demolition (C&D) debris over some environmental, ecological and economic aspects as dimensions for measuring sustainability. The model looks to promote a systemic thinking about relations between strategic decisions over C&D waste management and its long term consequences over sustainability and also to provide a model that allows decision makers to simulate and study the potential impact of several wastes strategies; those strategies were focused in two types, operational and regulative related. The model was run with some generic data contextualized in Bogotá D.C, Colombia, in order to show the expected results and behavior and also to provide a guideline for setting up the conclusions that were raised, those conclusion are concentrated on the methodological approach followed, instead of the behavior and analysis of the data set used.