Abstract for: Classic Case Studies in System Dynamics--A Fireside Chat with Ken Cooper

The power of system dynamics is proved every day, and over the years SD has had enormous impact. Join Ken Cooper as he looks back at some of the most classic SD cases from over 40 years of consulting. Ken led Pugh-Roberts Associates for many of those years, including working on cases that ranged from courtroom to Boardroom to locker room, from ships and planes to banks and claims. Have a co-branded credit card that provides discounts? Thank SD. Have a favorite football team? SD may have helped yours. Drive a car? Your gas mileage is better because of SD. Concerned over government spending? SD has saved taxpayers billions. Hear and discuss the stories—and the backstories—of *…The LITTON shipbuilding claim, the first major legal battle resolved by SD modeling. *…The award-winning FLUOR case, with billion-dollar-plus savings in the avoidance of claims and disputes. *…The story behind modeling NFL teams to help one owner transform a team into a football dynasty. *…MASTERCARD, a classic example of strategy modeling that yielded a dramatic turnaround, and transformed an entire industry, …and more. Join this informal storytelling of the facts and behind-the-scenes action.