Abstract for: Community and Programmatic Factors Influencing Effective Use of System Dynamic Models

The ReThink Health (RTH) Dynamics model simulates how alternative health interventions play out, allowing leaders to align around effective strategies. We present findings from an evaluation of the first five sites piloting the RTH model. This evaluation creates, tests, and modifies a Table of Domains that provides a framework for successful model use. Findings address practical questions including: What community or programmatic factors enhance the effective use of system dynamics models among collaboratives working to transform local health systems? Cross‐site observations indicate that sites with certain pre‐existing collaborative characteristics, leadership capacities, and internal motivation for the project were better able to use the model and harness its potential to catalyze change. The identified domains can be used by practitioners to identify communities positioned to effectively use modeling tools, design effective community engagements, and evaluate modeling implementation, with the ultimate goal that broader application of modeling will create greater community impact.