Abstract for: Managing Project Risks in the Electricity industry in Sub Saharan Africa

In Africa, major projects are presently in progress to upgrade and expand energy sector infrastructure. Many such projects have run into delays, quality problems and cost overruns. The primary motivation of this research was to expand the understanding of the dynamics at play in risks in the electricity energy sub-sector in Sub Saharan Africa as a region. A qualitative research approach was used, designed as a guided participative cooperative enquiry based on active interviewing and sharing of model development with stakeholders. The results of the research study showed that project delays and quality problems in the power sector projects in the region are caused by among others, rework from use of workforce not adequately skilled, multitasking likely caused by a shortage of key technical personnel, low levels of project management competence, political risk, and unforeseen technical difficulties. Policy scenarios generated as part of the research indicated how these challenges may be surmounted. Keywords: project risks; dynamic simulation; policy analysis and scenarios