Abstract for: United Kingdom Chapter Annual Meeting and Roundtable

The UK chapter of the System Dynamics Society invites all interested people to our informal meeting at ISDC17. Whether you have been to one of meetings before, or you are new, you will receive a warm welcome. The chapter seeks to promote the development of system dynamics within the UK, and the interchange of learning and research in related fields. We have good links with SD practitioners in industry, the public sector, and academia. Each year the chapter organises an annual conference, a series of presentations from eminent practitioners and the opportunity to discuss issues. The 2017 conference was held in early April and included an “Introduction to System Dynamics” session taught by Kim Warren. We are a long established chapter and this year’s conference was our 19th. The conference also includes important contributions by students, including presentations of their work and the opportunity to win a prize. Throughout the year we run regional networking events, along specific themes. The most recent was in Leeds concerning transport and health. The chapter occasionally awards the Geoff Coyle prize, for UK-based, early career, people who have made innovative contributions to system dynamics. Chapter membership is free. Full details on website: http://systemdynamics.org.uk/