Abstract for: Exploring the Benefits of an Online Group Model Building Case Study Database

System dynamics is used to tackle ‘messy’ problems rich in feedback and accumulations. System dynamics group model building scripts have been developed to add structure and repeatability to the group model building process. Group model building scripts describe, among many other things, the information required as input to each group model building process as well as information that will become the output of each group model building process. Examples of artifacts include: variable lists, behavior over time graphs, causal loop diagrams, etc. While many different informational input and output artifacts are described in detail, little attention has been paid to how a collection of such artifacts should be organized and stored for optimal use and recall. This workshop provides hands on experience with system dynamics case study database software designed for this purpose. During the workshop, participants will experience a small group model building project while using the case study database to enter and manage the resulting group model building artifacts. While time will be spent learning how to use the database, the focus of the workshop will be on discussing the advantages and disadvantages of using such a case study database for system dynamics group model building engagements.