Abstract for: Dealing With Complexity: A Holistic Participatory Systems Approach For Improving Construction Innovation Performance

This paper, as a part of an ongoing research project, presents an integrated participatory approach to address the innovation performance of a company within the construction industry in Russia by employing a stepwise process consisting of multi-stages analysis, stakeholder-based and modelling approaches. The primary objective of the paper is to understand, conceptualise and develop an initial dynamic model of a complex construction innovation system consisting of a range of elements such as resources, activities, performance, policies, strategies, and time. To build the foundations for such a dynamic model, a number of participatory workshops were conducted to assist the application of structural analysis (MICMAC Cross-Impact Matrix Multiplication Applied to Classification) and system dynamics (SD) modelling. The proposed approach is an effective approach leading to a successful improvement of the construction innovation process. Moreover, it is capable of dealing with both quantitative and qualitative data, as well as, being able to capture feedback loops within a dynamic system. The inclusion of stakeholder engagement is an essential requirement given the multi-actors nature of the system under study and lack of data involved. Hence, the participatory modelling included academic and industry consultation, an opinion survey and a number of facilitated workshops.