Abstract for: World Energy and En-ROADS Training

Interactive Experimentation with a Global Climate Simulator for Policy Makers and Educators. The climate and energy infrastructure are tightly coupled complex dynamical systems driven by multiple feedback processes, accumulations, time delays and nonlinearities. However, research shows poor understanding of these processes is widespread, even among highly educated people with technical backgrounds. Climate Interactive, MIT Sloan, and UMass Lowell respond by offering “World Energy”, a simulation-based role-play exercise that helps a wide range of people try out and explore the policies and investment scenarios that allow them to reach their goals on climate change. With a focus on the mix of solutions that will lead to a more stable climate, this simulation can inspire hope that is grounded in our best understanding of the dynamics of the energy and climate system. John Sterman and the Climate Interactive team will train participants in how to lead the workshop effectively. The workshop is organized into five sessions; not all need to be attended. 1. Play World Energy 2. Complete World Energy, Debrief, and Introduction to Facilitation. 3. Advanced World Energy facilitation techniques, En-ROADS structure and dynamics, and Planning your World Energy event. 4. Lunch (provided by MIT SD Group) and 5. Informal discussion.