Abstract for: Structural Dominance Analysis Tool Demonstration

Loop Eigenvalue Elasticity Analysis (LEEA) and Dynamic Decomposition Weight Analysis (DDWA)—have made significant progress in the interpretation of results and insights towards formally linking model structure to observed behavior. Despite their proven potential, these methods have not been widely adopted by the SD community. One of the major obstacles towards broad adoption has been the difficulty to perform the analyses; a process that up to now, required multiple translations across software platforms and detailed understanding of the methods to deal with coding exceptions. In this session, we will demonstrate an integrated tool that allows to perform a structural dominance analysis on a standard Vensim model (*.mdl) using a simple interface. The tool automates all computations and the elaboration of tables and graphs for detailed analysis and is flexible enough to localize the analysis with a few clicks. The tool will be made available to the community in the hope that it will facilitate further research on these methods and that its extended use will generate new ideas leading to more features and applications.