Abstract for: Evaluation of construction safety management based on site corrective actions

Safety is one of the effective factors on the operation of construction projects and plays a major role in the success of a project. According to the statistics presented from various institutions, the majority of the accidents among different industries are related to construction industry. Therefore, safety improvement in construction projects is one of the most significant issues to consider. Construction projects are naturally complex, dynamic, and include many feedback processes. Thus, construction projects can be regarded as complex dynamic systems which their management requires possession of tools to overcome their dynamic complexities. In this study, the structure governing safety management in construction workshops is regarded as one system. Also, concerning the dynamic nature of the variables over the passage of time, system dynamic modeling is applied. In current study, it is illustrated that by applying learning from safety scrutiny, accident investigation and corrective actions based on them, the severity and number of accidents as well as losses can be reduced significantly and improve the safety operation of construction projects. This study suggests the corrective actions as a helpful policy to prevent accidents.